Drug Rehab Calgary Centers

Here is a list of some alcohol & drug rehab Calgary centers. I am not endorsing or recommending any of them as I have not visited or reviewed the programs with the exception of looking at their websites where they have one. Also please note I do not generally write the description of the programs, descriptions are taken from the centers websites or marketing materials.

This list of alcohol & drug rehab Calgary centers is for information purposes only and to give you a starting point when you are looking for help with your addiction issues.

If you operate an alcohol or Drug rehab Calgary center and would like to be listed here let us know via the contact us page and we will get it up there.

Drug Rehab Calgary Centers

Aventa Addiction Treatment for Women Calgary, AB Phone: (403) 245-9050 One of Aventa’s priorities is working with pregnant women; pregnant women are admitted without delay which helps decrease the risks associated with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).

grand openingIt has been researched and demonstrated that addictions in women exist for different reasons and manifest in different forms than addictions in men, underlining the need for gender-specific treatment. Due to women’s histories of violence and trauma, gender-specific treatment provides a safe opportunity for recovery.

Fresh Start Recovery Centre Calgary, AB Phone: (403) 387-6266 Fresh Start is a 50-bed residential alcohol and drug addiction treatment centre for men in Calgary, Alberta. We base our program on the 12 steps and the Family Systems Method. We provide a comfortable environment where men and their families can escape addiction, and learn to live rewarding and fulfilling lives in recovery.

Oxford House Calgary, AB Phone: (403) 287 8771 Any individual recovering from alcohol or drug addictions can apply to get into an Oxford House by filling out an application and being interviewed by an outreach worker. The applicant is then considered by the House membership, and if there is a vacancy, and if 80% of the members approve, the applicant is accepted and moves in.

Oxford House Foundation of Canada is a non-profit foundation that acts as an umbrella organization providing leadership and quality assurance through the issuance and maintenance of charters for a network of existing and future Oxford Houses. While Oxford House is not directly affiliated with AA, NA, and CA, its members realize that active participation in a recovery program can offer assurance of continued sobriety.

Recovery Acres Society Calgary, AB Phone: (403) 245-1196 1835 House is a men’s alcohol and drug recovery centre located in a residential area of Calgary, Alberta. The House provides daily living and meeting space for thirty residents, in addition to day-program clients, counsellors, and staff. It is operated by Recovery Acres (Calgary) Society, a local non-profit organization dedicated to providing an effective substance abuse treatment program that minimizes disruption and cost to the individual, family, employer, and the community at large.

In addition to 1835 House, Recovery Acres operates transitional housing at other Calgary locations for working clients in need of group-living support for longer periods to achieve full independence.

Simon House Recovery Centre Calgary, AB Phone: (403) 247-2050 Phase One consists of a twelve week program where intensive individual and group sessions are delivered in concert with a personally designed recovery program. Each plan will foster empowerment and an abstinence life style.

Upon completion of Phase One, our clients have the option to access our Phase Two and Phase Three which provides ongoing support into transitional housing and independent living.

Salvation Army Centre of Hope Calgary, AB Phone: (403) 410-1113 The Men's Addictions Recovery Program is a long-term residential program that exists to assist clients make positive choices leading to a more fulfilling life. The Addictions Recovery Program is tailored to meet the individual needs of its clients and includes four phases.

Phase 1: Residential Orientation and Assessment (~2 wks): Clients are assessed (physically, socially, psychologically, and spiritually) and an individual treatment plan and goals are created.

Phase 2: Recovery (~4 wks): Clients begin an eclectic recovery program, targeting addictions to alcohol and other drugs. This includes counselling in individual and group settings, as well as interactive workshops.

Phase 3: Relapse Prevention (~6 wks): After completing their initial recovery program, clients are counseled on relapse prevention, exit planning, life skills training, community re-integration and the implementation of a follow-up support system.

Phase 4: Transitional Housing (up to 1 yr. from intake): Must have completed all paperwork and graduated from program. Goal is to build a healthy social life outside treatment centre which supports sobriety. All Phase 4 residents must be actively seeking housing. Residents must have secured employment and or schooling. All Phase 4 residents must be linked with outside resources and or continued outside counselling. Clients must continue to be actively involved in community life.

Teen Challenge Alberta Priddis, AB Phone: (403) 931-3501 Toll-Free: 1(800) 856-8902 Teen Challenge Alberta is a residential alcohol and drug addiction faith-based program located near Calgary in Priddis, Alberta. We offer help and hope to those struggling with alcoholism and/or addiction to other drugs. Addicts, alcoholics, their family and friends, begin their restoration at Teen Challenge.

Youville Women’s Residence Calgary, AB Phone: (403) 984-2707 Youville provides services for women eighteen years of age and older who have addictions, experiences of abuse, and mental health distress, in a unique, long-term residential care treatment program facility located in southwest Calgary. Youville is a two-phase treatment program with safe, caring, homelike facilities, which are integrated into the community. We also offer a Day Treatment component of the program which needs expansion to meet client needs. Outreach services, individual counselling, and group counselling sessions are the core aspects of the programs. The residential program currently has the capacity to serve thirty-seven women, four with their children.

Women can spend up to two years at Youville. Once they leave and return to the community, they continue to maintain contact as needed through outreach programs and follow-up support groups to maintain a sober, functional lifestyle. Many come back to volunteer and mentor others, contributing valuable insights and skills after they have completed the program.

Calgary Youth Addiction Services Calgary, AB Phone: (403) 297-4664 Offers an wilderness-based, substance addiction specific treatment program for youth between 12 and 17 years who have experienced negative affects in regards to their use of alcohol and/or other drugs.

Offers these services:

  • one-to-one counselling
  • group counselling
  • family counselling
  • school on site
  • recreation and leisure activities
  • out-trip and wilderness activities
  • how substance use affects their major life areas
  • healthy ways to cope with difficult emotions
  • how to better communicate with their family and peers
  • how to handle high-risk situations

Alberta Adolescent Recovery Centre Calgary, AB Phone: (403) 253-5250 The Alberta Adolescent Recovery Centre (AARC) is a long-term treatment program for adolescents suffering from substance dependency. The AARC program is often the last resort for addicted youth (ages 13-21) and their families who have exhausted numerous social agencies and treatment programs, with little to no success.

AARC offers comprehensive assessment, treatment, and aftercare programs. It is built on four primary therapeutic modalities:

  • Twelve Step facilitation including Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), and Al-Anon
  • Positive peer influence
  • Group, family, and individual therapy
  • Rehabilitation of functional family relationships.

Sunrise Native Addictions Services Society Calgary, AB Phone: (403) 261-7921 Sunrise Native Addictions Services has provided Aboriginal based programs. We help men, women and their families recover from the destructive effects of alcohol, drug and gambling addictions.

Our abstinence based approach to healing is founded on the Twelve Steps and philosophy of Alcoholics Anonymous. These principles – being harmonious with Aboriginal values and teachings are at the heart of our groups and counselling services.

We welcome Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal clients who wish to participate in Aboriginal culture and teachings as an integral part of their road to healing and recovery from addictions.

Eagle Moon Lodge Bowness Campus Calgary, AB Phone: (403) 299-9699 Toll-Free: 1(800) 563-6106 Eagle Moon Aboriginal Services is a conjunctive services offered to all of the youth and families at Wood’s Homes. Wood’s Homes recognizes and respects the diverse backgrounds of all of our families. We aim to provide individually tailored culturally appropriate and responsive treatment for all. With this in mind, we also recognize that we provide services to youth and families that represent many of our First Nations from across Canada. While Eagle Moon Aboriginal Services is derived from a Aboriginal perspective, youth and families of all cultures are welcome to attend.Events occur one evening per week and will alternate between the two campuses. The events will be different each week in order to meet the needs and abilities of the many youth. The activities are designed to provide teaching, spiritual opportunities, and cultural context to the young people we serve.

These are the drug rehab Calgary centers that I was able to find, if you operate or work for another and would like it listed here please get in contact via the Contact Us page and send me the information, I would be happy to get it up there.

Again just to repeat my disclaimer from above I am not endorsing or recommending any drug rehab Calgary centers since I have never visited or assessed the centers. This is just the results from my online searching.

Also here is a large list of other Alberta Drug Rehab Centers that we recently put together as this one is only Calgary proper and there are a considerable amount more services in Alberta that are on that list.