Emotional Insecurity and Privacy Concerns of an Addict in Treatment

Emotional Insecurity and Privacy Concerns of an Addict in Treatment

When someone decides to get help at a rehab center, staff expects him or her to feel an array of mixed emotions. After all, going to rehab is a big decision and will change a person’s life forever. From the initial call to the first step inside the facility, it’s common for an addict to be scared of the unknown, nervous of the unexpected and worried about opening up to others about something that is so personal and close to them.

Our rehab center in Chiang Rai staffs several individuals who have battled an addiction in the past and have overcome it. Many of these people know what it’s like to go to rehab and also understand some of the privacy concerns you or a loved one may have. And so, to better help you understand how we address and value emotional and physical privacy, we would like explain what these things mean to us.

Physical Privacy: You will be able to recover with anonymity

Many addicts and their families discuss their concerns about privacy during treatment. What this refers to is who will be able to find out about anyone staying at Serenity Chiang Rai and what information is made available. In fact, as a private Thailand rehab center, no information about any client is shared with anyone outside of the rehab. This includes government personnel, immigration or medical professionals (unless there is a serious medical emergency and even then information is minimal). We have implemented a “gag” order amongst all staff which means they cannot, nor do they want to, discuss who or what is going on at the addiction facility.

Should anyone contact our Chiang Rai rehab center for information about any clientele, we will require written permission from the individual before contact is made. If this is not available, our center will not acknowledge the person exists. We also have a policy that no photos or videos are allowed to be made without express permission. This ensures all men and women at the center receive optimal privacy.

Protecting Emotions By Keeping Things In

When someone thinks of privacy at rehab, they often only consider the actual physical privacy. However, there is also emotional privacy which some individuals will value, but doing so can hinder treatment.

When a person has an addiction, they have likely learned how to keep everything inside. Whether or not they really wanted to, protecting their own feelings from the outside world has kept them from going crazy with harsh judgment and criticism. On top of that, there may have been little to no support from family and friends around them. When reaching out to people they thought they could rely on becomes a failure time and time again, this person starts to lose trust and faith in other human beings. When it comes time to sit in a group therapy session and open up about addiction, it can be a deeply rooted struggle which comes with a lot of sensitivity and fear.

Addiction Professionals are Prepared for This

Part of the reason someone goes to rehab is because there is constant support and guidance. When there is an issue with emotional privacy, trained staff will address it in a healthy way conducive to recovery. In general, this privacy blocker is only temporary and eases with time as a person starts to see that others at the rehab are letting go and opening up as well as, the reassurance from staff.

Keeping the Thoughts Private

Coinciding with emotional privacy is the privacy of one’s own thoughts. Addicts can be the harshest judgers of their self. Many also have built a stigma on what they think they should be. These, often negative and scrutinizing thoughts, can create a defense mechanism and lead to the belief that they should not be shared with others – even a counsellor or therapist.

A rehab center is the best place to release these thoughts no matter how crazy, chaotic or terrible one may think they are. This ability to express the true self is what starts to heal these emotional discomforts and insecurities leading to a healthy, long term recovery.

Serenity Chiang Rai Respects Your Privacy and Emotions

We pride ourselves in being one of the leading rehabs in South East Asia and Thailand. Our entire team understands and values all privacy concerns of every client – emotional, physical and spiritual. This mindset allows each person to be as comfortable as possible while opening up in an honest and healthy way.

Want to Know More About Serenity Chiang Rai?

Our treatment is based around a 12 step program which integrates an eclectic range of traditional and alternative therapies. This 360 degree approach to addiction allows adult men and women to overcome cravings, address triggers, resolve deeply rooted issues and find a balance between the mind and body. If you would like to more about our private rehab center in Chiang Rai, Thailand, please contact us today.