Residential Rehabs Nova Scotia

Here is a list of some residential rehabs Nova Scotia, Canada. I am not endorsing or recommending any of them as I have not visited or reviewed the programs with the exception of looking at their websites where they have one.

Residential Rehabs Nova Scotia

Here is a list of some residential rehabs Nova Scotia, Canada. I am not endorsing or recommending any of them as I have not visited or reviewed the programs with the exception of looking at their websites where they have one

This list of residential rehabs Nova Scotia is for information purposes only and to give you a starting point when you are looking for help with your addiction issues.

If you operate a residential rehabs Nova Scotia and would like to be listed here let us know via the contact us page and we will get it up there.

Residential Rehabs Nova Scotia

Ledgehill Treatment & Recovery Center Lawrencetown 1-800-676-3393 Program duration: 45, 60 or 90-day core-programs, 30-day condensed programs and ongoing aftercare

Approach: The programs involve holistic behavioral and narrative therapies as well as healthy lifestyle coaching. This holistic approach allows our clients to manage their addictions so they can maintain drug and alcohol-free lifestyles. The focus is on treating the person as a whole and creating individually tailored recovery plans.

Treatments may include:

  • Individual and group therapy
  • One-on-one treatment planning
  • Physical exercise (tailored to you)
  • Nutritional counselling
  • Spiritual counselling
  • Individual assignments
  • Aftercare training
  • Optional family involvement
  • Structured weekday routines
  • A more relaxed weekend schedule

South West Health Middleton (902) 825-6828 The Twenty-Eight Day Structured Treatment Program is delivered by Addiction Services is designed for those individuals who are experiencing more severe and chronic substance misuse and gambling problems. Education, opportunities for personal reflection and recovery planning are offered in a professionally-facilitated group setting. Individuals may participate as day clients or take advantage of available residential facilities.

Treatment Program is included?

The program uses a psycho-educational model to provide information, opportunities for individual reflection and group-facilitator interactions to help participants examine harmful experiences with addictive substances and behaviors and to explore new coping skills. During the course of the program, participants discuss such topics as anger and stress management, nutrition, spirituality, approaches to self-help, relapse, family systems, communication and meditation while also taking a close look at the nature of dependency and addiction and the importance of a clear, well-supported recovery plan. A daily group therapy session challenges participants to address personal issues and integrate learned skills in a professionally-facilitated social setting. Throughout the program participants are offered opportunities for personal reflection and encouraged to take part in available community supports.

Crosbie House New Minas 866-681-0613 Crosbie House rehab is a private 28 day drug and alcohol residential drug and alcohol treatment program utilizing the 12-step program. They accommodate 10 clients at a time in a refurbished facility with smart boards, video conferencing, modern training rooms, climate control, back-up generators, a mini gym, and for your safety, on site security surveillance. Also available to you at no cost are our relapse prevention workshops, seminars for family and friends, 2 annual alumni reunions, 5 weekly on-site recovery meetings and a monthly Webinar where you can participate from home.

Searidge Foundation Alcohol Rehab Upper Clements 1-866-777-9614 Searidge Alcohol Rehab is an alcohol addiction treatment center that aims to provide the support, challenges, and inspiration that those who suffer from alcohol addiction are in need of during recovery. We founded Searidge Foundation in order to provide an alcohol and drug rehab centre with a high quality level of treatment at an affordable cost. We take pride in maintaining a limit of 12 residents in our alcohol addiction treatment program, which ensures that each receives the most effective and individualized treatment we can offer.

At Searidge Alcohol Rehab we provide a supportive but challenging environment in which our residents are guided through the time and work needed to rediscover and develop their potential. Our comprehensive approach to alcohol addiction treatment involves psychotherapy, alternative therapy and pharmacotherapy and prepares residents for a life of recovery with the support of our aftercare program.

Freedom Foundation Dartmouth (902) 466-0299 The mission of the Freedom Foundation is to provide services which foster recovery from addictions, development of positive self image and self worth. Upon meeting with a Director, we will help you in planning your program, getting medical care, studying and working in the Programs on your way to graduating and leaving the home and becoming a contributing member of society.

Eagles Nest Recovery House Shubenacadie (902)758-4277 Our goal is to enhance physical, spiritual, emotional and social issues caused by alcohol and drug misuse. We provide our First Nations Communities with current best practices and community based culturally relevant programs which are delivered by certified addictions counsellors.

These are the residential Rehabs Nova Scotia, Canada that I was able to find, if you operate or work for another and would like it listed here please get in contact via the Contact Us page and send me the information, I would be happy to get it up there.

Again just to repeat my disclaimer from above I am not endorsing or recommending any residential rehabs Nova Scotia since I have never visited or assessed the centers. This is just the results from my online searching.

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