Residential Rehabs Quebec

Here is a list of some residential rehabs Quebec , Canada. I am not endorsing or recommending any of them as I have not visited or reviewed the programs with the exception of looking at their websites where they have one. Also please note I do not generally write the description of the programs, descriptions are taken from the centers websites or marketing materials.

This list of residential rehabs Quebec  is for information purposes only and to give you a starting point when you are looking for help with your addiction issues.

If you operate a residential rehabs Quebec and would like to be listed here let us know via the contact us page and we will get it up there. Please note if the website is not in English I can only give the contact details and you will need to go through the website yourself.

Residential Rehabs Quebec With English Websites

NuHab Center Inc. 5992, Route 112 Ascot-Cornier, QC J0B 1A0 Phone: (819) 563-1804 NuHab Centre is a rural residence located in the Eastern Townships of Quebec where individuals suffering from mental health issues and concurrent disorders can live and benefit from NuHab’s philosophy of caring for the whole person. NuHab provides a much needed resource for many organizations and institutions in the Montreal and surrounding areas including the outpatient services of the MUHC (McGill University Health Sciences Centre) and other institutions and organizations that only offer a day program.

Life Science Addiction Treatment Center 114 Rue Kimpton Rigaud, QC J0P 1P0 Phone: (450) 451-9995 Life Science is a private inpatient program supporting rehabilitation and the treatment of addictions. We provide treatment to English speaking adults, male or female, (aged 18 and over) who are struggling with addiction and typically meet the criteria for substance abuse and/or substance dependence as per the DSM criteria. Our therapeutic program, approach and interventions are evidence-based; delivered with respect, care, empathy and acceptance.

Centre Villa de la Paix 1601 rue Rochon Chertsey (Quebec) Phone : (450) 882-4848 Toll-Free: 1-855-880-4848 Villa de la Paix Rehabilitation Center is a non-profit organisation dedicated to individuals of 18 years of age and over dealing with alcoholism, drug addiction or use of psychotropic substances (depressants, stimulants or central nervous system disruptors).

Our therapeutic treatments are based on the Minnesota Model (12-Step Program) where guests are welcomed with dignity and respect. Also, the human and non-directive approach is used to allow the guests to express themselves without fear and oppression. These approaches promote open-mindness and authenticity.

Centre l’Envolée 499, rue Notre-Dame Saint-Hughes, QC J0H 1N0 Toll-Free: 1-855-368-5533 Our therapeutic program was conceived specifically for our masculine clientele struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. Our program’s objective is to work on the cycle of addiction, the relapse cycle, and on developing responsibility so as to become a functioning member of the community. The addiction treatment program that we propose is based on relapse prevention and aims to reduce risk factors and other underlying problems that lead one to make use of drugs and alcohol. Our main goal is to lead individuals to adopt complete abstinence as a new lifestyle. We also implement the view that those whom are in therapy should adopt pro social behaviours so that once they have completed their program they can become a law-abiding citizen.

Duration of our program:

  • Short program: 21 days
  • Court referred participants: 6 months
  • Voluntary participants: 4 months

Drug Rehabs In Quebec with Only French Websites

Sorry these ones you will have to check out yourself as I struggle reading French and don't trust my translations. I have added the link to their websites so hopefully if you are fluent in french this might help you.

La Maison Paulette Guinois Auteuil, QC Phone: (450) 628-1011

Les Maisons Péladeau Ivry-sur-le-Lac, QC J8C 2Z8 Toll-free: 1-866-735-2366

La Maison d’hébergement Le séjour inc. 2229, rue de l'Hopital Jonquiere, PQ G7X 4H7 Phone: (418) 547-8611

Villa Ignatia 2205, Beau Site Lac Saint-Charles, QC G3G 2P8 Phone: (418)-657-4086

Pavillons du Nouveau Point de Vue 356, rue Notre-Dame Lanoraie, QC J0K 1E0 Phone: (450) 887-2392

l'Arrimage Retour à l'Accueil 325, rue Saint-Jean-Baptiste East Rimouski, PQ G5L 1Y8 Phone: (418) 723-0441

Maison de L'Épervier 820, St. Luke Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez, QC J0K 1W0 Phone: (450)-883-6964

Centre CASA 4965, rue Lionel-Groulx Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, PQ G3A 1V3 Phone: (418) 871-8380 Toll-free: 1(877) 871-8380

Résidence Le Portail 1240, Niagara Road North Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, QC G3A 1W8 Phone: (418) 878-2867 Toll-free: 1(877) 878-2867

CRD Le Virage 5110, boulevard Cousineau, 4th Floor Saint-Hubert, QC J3Y 7G5 Phone: (450) 443-2100 Toll-free: 1(800) 363-9434

Maison l'Alcôve 5000, boulevard Laurier O, Box 730 Saint-Hyacinthe, QC J2S 7P5 Phone: (450) 773-7333

Maison la Margelle 1905, Route Marie-Victorin Sorel-Tracy, QC J3R 1M8 Phone: (450) 746-2788 Toll-free: 1(866) 446-2788

Le Domaine de la Sobriété 400, North Central Avenue Stratford, QC G0Y 1P0 Phone: (418) 443-2277 Toll-free: 1(888) 443-2278

L’Aube de la paix 1390 Street Setlakwe Thetford Mines, QC G6G 7Z3 Phone: (418) 338-9141

Manoir Aylmer 30, rue Saint-Francois Beaulac-Garthby, QC G0Y 1B0 Phone: (418) 458-2002

Aux Rayons du Soleil 272, 6th Avenue Grand-Mere, QC G9T 2G7 Phone: (819) 533-4829

Maison Face à L'avenir 132, rue Saint-Jean-Baptiste L'Assomption, QC J5W 3G4 Phone: (450) 589-6611 Toll-free: 1(866) 989-6611

Domaine Orford 100, Chemin de la candy Orford, QC J1X 6R5 Phone: (819) 791-8007

Mélaric, centre de références pour alcooliques et toxicomanes Saint-Andre d'Argenteuil, QC J0V 1X0 Phone: (450) 537-3344 Toll-free: 1(800) 663-3784

Pavillon L’Essence Ciel 2025, boulevard Marie Saint-Hubert, QC J4T 2B2 Phone: (450) 672-0926

Centre de thérapie Caroline Roy 380, chemin du Domaine Saint-Ludger, QC G0M 1W0 Phone: (819) 548-5841

These are the residential Rehabs Quebec, Canada that I was able to find, if you operate or work for another and would like it listed here please get in contact via the Contact Us page and send me the information, I would be happy to get it up there.

Again just to repeat my disclaimer from above I am not endorsing or recommending any residential rehabs Quebec since I have never visited or assessed the centers. This is just the results from my online searching.

A Note to treatment center owners, I am happy to put your site and link in this directory if you get in contact. Also the the French only centers, if you can provide a brief outline of your center, who you accept, how long the program is and modality I would be happy to put that up as well. If you want it in french you will have to write it.