Saving Your Career While Going to Rehab for an Addiction

One of the most common reasons, even excuses, an addict will give when it comes to going to rehab is the inability to take time off work.

Saving Your Career While Going to Rehab for an Addiction

One of the most common reasons, even excuses, an addict will give when it comes to going to rehab is the inability to take time off work. SAMSA, out of the United States, estimates approximately 76 percent of addicts are working full time. It’s more than likely fair enough to say that similar statistics hold true in other countries such as Australia and The U.K. These stats go to show that men and women from around the globe are often leading a double life; working hard to advance a career while battling an addiction.

You May Think You Have Everything Under Control

You may be thinking that you have things under control; your job performance is okay and no one has called you out on your behavior –yet. However, frequent absences, erratic behavior and coming to work drunk, high or hung-over is being noted. If this continues, there’s a good chance you’ll end up losing your job. If you’re already thinking about going to rehab while you are still working, why would you not take advantage of this opportunity before things get out of control and you end up unemployed.

When prospective clients contact our rehab in Chiang Mai Thailand, we get a lot of questions about how they will be able to manage their career while receiving drug and alcohol addiction treatment. We understand fears and concerns about going to rehab. The fact is that you are currently risking the loss of everything including your job. Don’t let these feelings become your excuse for not getting help. The following are our most common questions that stand in the way of going to rehab and saving a career; these will ultimately give you peace of mind.

Can I lose my job if I go to rehab?

This is the most common question addicts and their loved ones will ask when it comes to careers and addiction. Truthfully, it depends on the country you are working in. For example in The U.S. The Americans with Disabilities Act protects people from losing their jobs because addiction is considered to be a disability. Other countries like the U.K., Australia and France have similar laws. It’s important to note that an employer could get around this by saying your performance was not up to par and fire you. This is why going to rehab for addiction should be done sooner rather than later.

I fear my skill set or career will suffer during my time away.

While you may think you will forget everything you know about your work, your career and skills will most likely improve once you’ve gone to rehab. After the addiction detox in Thailand, you will begin an assortment of therapies that enables you to clear your body and mind. Concentration, organization and balance will all begin to blossom making you better able to get things done.

You may notice once you leave rehab, your addiction took a huge amount of your time and energy; because you have addressed these issues, you will be able to be a better employee.

What about my reputation at work?

Your job expects you to perform well. With an addiction, even if you may not directly notice it, your performance is likely suffering. When you go to a Chiang Rai drug and alcohol rehab, your job may be put on hold, but this is only temporary. More importantly, you are addressing the problem and will be better at what you do when you’re sober.

Regarding your reputation, you don’t necessarily have to tell anyone that you are going to rehab. If this is a major concern, you seriously may want to consider going to rehab abroad. This not only magnifies your privacy, but also minimizes the chances of being seen or having coworkers find out about your addiction.

A rehab center is the best place to release these thoughts no matter how crazy, chaotic or terrible one may think they are. This ability to express the true self is what starts to heal these emotional discomforts and insecurities leading to a healthy, long term recovery.

Is there anything I should do before I take a leave of absence?

The best thing you could do before you begin your treatment would be to tie up any loose ends at work. Talk to your boss and make sure your tasks can be carried out by other employees. This keeps the organization and structure at work while reassuring your coworkers that you care and appreciate them.

Can I work while at the rehab?

At Serenity Koh Chiang Rai Rehab, we help working professionals overcome an addiction. While we do have internet and phone connection, we encourage focusing on your recovery rather than work assignments. In the first week and especially during the addiction detox, we significantly limit the time you can spend on your computer and phone.

At the end of the day, don’t let your own physical and mental wellbeing hold you back because you are scared of what will happen with your career. A worst case scenario, if you lose your job or return to work only to find yourself feeling uncomfortable and on edge, you will be at a new point in life that will allow you to find another job. Most likely though, this won’t happen.

At our Thailand drug and alcohol treatment center, we regularly see that more and more of the working professionals can admit to a problem, receive treatment and go back to their career. Our rehab will give you the opportunity to save your professional reputation by choosing a program that guards your privacy, assists you with your career and helps you to preserve your life.

If you would like to know more about Serenity Chiang Rai Rehab, please contact us today.

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