Watford, Hertfordshire Drug and Alcohol Rehab

In Watford, Hertfordshire, drug and alcohol rehabs are within the area. These include private and public facilities and complement various harm reduction services. In general, rehab acts as the bridge that can guide you to a new, healthier life.

If you are batting an addiction to drugs or alcohol, and you’re ready to acknowledge you have a problem and need help, you have reached your first goal towards sobriety. You should be proud of yourself and believe in the strength that you have to keep going. This, coupled with a good treatment plan, can enable you to reach sobriety, learn the techniques to maintain your recovery, and gain motivation to remain free from your addiction.

In Watford, Hertfordshire, drug and alcohol rehabs are within the area. These include private and public facilities and complement various harm reduction services. In general, rehab acts as the bridge that can guide you to a new, healthier life.

If you are ready to take the next step and get help from a private rehab, Watford, Hertfordshire resident’s should call Siam Rehab. Our facility, located in Chiang Rai, Thailand, is highly equipped to help you through your early stages of recovery.

An Overview of Siam Rehab

People come from the UK, and other western countries, to Siam Rehab because it gives them the opportunity to get out of their normal environment – away from any stressors or potential distractions. Furthermore, because we are located in Thailand, we are able to offer our confidential rehab programmes  for less than what you would have to pay in the UK, including your airfare.

Siam Rehab is a private facility that has an impressive track record of being able to successfully treat addictions to drugs and alcohol. We believe that our clients should feel comfortable during their stay which is why we have a broad range of amenities in place; such as, laundry, catering, spacious accommodation with private ensuite bathrooms, a swimming pool, gym, and beautiful gardens.

When you come from Watford, Hertfordshire, rehab treatment will begin with a detoxification.

This is monitored by medical professionals and specialists to ensure you are safe and comfortable. Once this is complete, you can begin your recovery which includes one to one counselling, group sessions, equine assisted therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, and more. Your therapy sessions are tailored to your needs and during these times, you will be coached to learn new techniques and behaviours that discourage the use of substances. Our addiction specialists will also help you to understand why you turned to drugs or alcohol, and address these issues in a healthy manner that is conducive to your recovery.

Once you leave our Thailand rehab, you will have access to aftercare sessions that include seeing a therapist in your local area, or Skype sessions when possible. We are so confident in our Watford, Hertfordshire rehab programme that we offer a guarantee to our clients. If you relapse, you can return to our facility for 14 – 28 days for free.

If you would like to know more about our private drug and alcohol rehab in Thailand, please call Siam Rehab today.

Watford, Hertfordshire Drug and Alcohol Use

Drug and alcohol use in Watford, Hertfordshire is thought to be similar, or slightly less than, the national average. Due to Watford being a relatively small town, there is no data to correlate the actual number of people who are at risk of, or already have, developing an addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Cocaine use amongst the middle class is a concern. In early 2019, the Hertfordshire police commissioner discussed the heavy use of the drug amongst affluent working professionals and the impact it has on adolescents who are being exploited for trafficking the drug.

The majority of drug users prefer cannabis; however, there is a small number of this group who are turning to new psychoactive substances, such as Spice. These drugs are extremely addictive and chemically made which makes them dangerous. Approximately 5 percent of the Hertfordshire area uses opiates on a regular basis. Benzodiazepine use, either obtained legally or illegally, is on the rise and being monitored by law enforcement.

In regards to alcohol use in Hertfordshire, according to the Drug and Alcohol Needs Assessment, consumption has decreased over the years. However, adults over the age of 50 are more likely to be dependent on alcohol. This is particularly true for middle class residents who are socially active and have graduated from university.

Watford, Hertfordshire Treatment Options

The average age of people who sought treatment at a rehab in Watford, Hertfordshire is between 40 and 55 years. This correlates with the data that suggests most people who were dependent on drugs or alcohol were older, middle class residents. Private rehabs are available in the area, or within a few hours drive. What you will experience at these facilities will largely depend on their programmes, amenities, and other factors. In general, you can expect to pay between £5,500 and £8,000 for a 28 day programme, If the facility is considered to be a luxury rehab, the cost may be one third to double the price. The benefit of going to a private rehab is that you can typically begin treatment immediately.

If you are unable to afford the costs of a private rehab, or prefer to proceed with outpatient treatment so you can remain at home, the NHS offers a number of different options. To explore these in further detail, please consult your GP or local harm reduction service.

In addition to private and public rehabs, Watford, Hertfordshire does provide various services to men, women, and adolescents. CGL – Spectrum Watford is the most popular service in the area and offers extensive treatment options. The Living Room – St Albans is near to Watford and provides free access to addiction treatment for anyone living in the area. If you are under the age of 24, WDP – Barnet Young People’s Drug and Alcohol Service is a service that can help you to recover from an addiction.

In addition to the harm reduction services and organisations, Hertfordshire is home to several addiction support groups. These consist of recovering addicts who meet each week to reinforce their decisions to remain sober and to offer support. Whether you are waiting to go to rehab or have completed a rehab programme, these support groups can be invaluable. The two most popular support groups in Watford, Hertfordshire are Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. The meetings are completely free for anyone to attend.

Have You Considered Going to Rehab Abroad?

Your options to going to rehab in Watford, Hertfordshire or nearby may be selective. Perhaps you would prefer to get away from your normal environment and those you know. If you would like to recover in a comfortable environment that offers a new change of scenery and is surrounded by a team of people who care about you, Siam Rehab is the right choice.

To learn more about our Thailand rehab, Watford, Hertfordshire men and women are encouraged to call us today.