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Weymouth, Dorset Alcohol and Drug Rehab

In Weymouth, Dorset, drug and alcohol use is, and has been, a growing concern. For many of these people, getting help should be a priority. However, knowing how to reach out to the right person at the right time can be more complicated than you might realise.

Weymouth, Dorset Alcohol and Drug Rehab

If you are looking for a drug and alcohol rehab in Weymouth, Dorset, but are unsure where to go or who to call for help, consider reaching out to Siam Rehab. As a drug and alcohol rehab in Thailand, we have successfully treated men and women from the UK, Australia, and other western countries.

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Drug and Alcohol Use in Weymouth, Dorset

Like other parts of the UK, Weymouth, Dorset is familiar with the problems that drug and alcohol dependency brings about. Although alcohol use, or dependency, has not increased, alcohol-related hospital admissions have. Most people living in Weymouth will consume alcohol at safe levels, but for an estimated 2000 people, they are at risk for alcohol related health problems and dependency. Across Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset about 6 % of people aged 16 or over are drinking at higher risk levels; a total of over 37,000 people. The seaboard area is particularly prone to alcohol induced violence; of which, police and local community members are trying to combat.

Drug use in Weymouth, Dorset is particularly concerning. Although cannabis is the most commonly used drug, new psychoactive substances are a popular drug of choice. Opiates are widely used amongst drug users, and many of the people in treatment have remained in these services for over six years. Unfortunately, in Dorset as a whole, the success rates for the NHS treatment have decreased. This is thought to be in part due to budget cuts, limited resources, and an overworked system.

Getting Help for an Addiction in Weymouth, Dorset

Although the NHS does provide free addiction treatment in Weymouth and all other areas of the country, lengthy waiting times combined with insufficient resources has made this option one that is difficult to gauge in terms of its effectiveness and practicality. For instance, in Weymouth, Dorset, inpatient drug and alcohol rehab treatment through the NHS is only available for those who are considered to have a serious addiction. You might ask “what defines serious?”, or “how is one person’s addiction more serious than others?’ These questions are understandable, and realistically, the answers are decided by a GP or qualified referral service. In the event you do not qualify for inpatient treatment, you may be referred to a detoxification followed by outpatient services. Organisations such as the following may also be sought:

EDP – Weymouth Drug & Alcohol Advisory Service – A free and confidential help service for men and women in the Weymouth area in need of addiction support and treatment.

Community Alcohol and Drug Advisory Service West – An NHS funded programme that offers structured treatment, including rehab, inpatient detoxification, counselling, and more.

Research suggests that inpatient rehab treatment is the most effective form of treatment, especially in the first few months of recovery. When this option is not available immediately, as may be in the case of utilising the NHS treatment, you might feel hopeless – even though you do want to change for the better.

If you can relate to what is being discussed, have you ever thought about going to a private drug and alcohol rehab in Weymouth, Dorset? There are a number of benefits to going to a private rehab. These include the staff to patient ratio, the quality of care, customisable programmes, and limited clients at any given time. During your addiction treatment you deserve, and need, adequate amounts of attention, and at a private rehab you will be given this. That being said, going to a private rehab in the UK is not cheap. In fact, the starting costs of a 28 day programme is £5500. Bear in mind a programme at this price generally includes shared accommodation, has limited amenities, and will not be located in a serene, peaceful environment. Facilities that offer these things can cost significantly more.

Concurrently, it is common for a person to need to get away from the environment they are used to. Being too close to home, or nearby to friends that might not necessarily promote sobriety could be a serious hindrance to your recovery. In between the high costs of a UK rehab, the possibility of being too close to home, or the inability to be close to a natural, city-free environment, you might wonder where you should go.

Going to Siam Rehab for Alcohol or Drug Treatment

Today, more people are choosing to go to rehab abroad. The reasons for this decision are abundant, but often it comes down to the affordability of the programme, as well as, the comprehensive care that is included in it. Furthermore, by choosing a rehab outside of the UK, you can recover in a fresh, new environment away from any potential stressors. If you would like to know more about Siam Rehab, a drug and alcohol rehab in Thailand, please give us a call now.