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Why People Choose to Go to Rehab Abroad

When you choose to go to rehab abroad, or near your home, you might feel overwhelmed about what to expect and have further questions.

Why People Choose to Go to Rehab Abroad

The idea of getting on a plane to travel outside of your familiar surroundings may exacerbate your feelings. However, once you are finished reading this, we are confident that you will feel like you’ve made the right decision in choosing to go to an addiction rehab in Thailand.

Going to Rehab Abroad

Going abroad for rehab is considered to be a part of medical tourism. Although medical tourism was once most commonly associated with cosmetic procedures or cancer treatment, today, there is an increasing number of Austrailians, British, Europeans, and Americans who travel abroad for drug or alcohol rehab treatment. 

One of the most popular destinations for rehab abroad is Thailand. This is because:

  • Thailand has a large number of exclusive hospitals, including 60-plus JCI-accredited hospitals
  • Nurse to patient staff ratios are lower than the U.S. and Australia at 1 nurse per 4 patients
  • Healthcare, including rehab in Thailand, is 30-40 per cent lower than western prices

In 2019, Thailand was rated having the sixth best medical services in the world.

The Benefits of Drug and Alcohol Treatment Abroad

There are many benefits to going to rehab abroad. The following are some considerations to think about.

  • Many rehabs abroad, including those in Thailand, are in tranquil locations in the forest or mountains, and in a tropical setting. This can generate healthy psychological benefits.
  • Going to rehab abroad is almost always cheaper than going to rehab in a western country.
  • You will have the opportunity to partake in various new, alternative, and Eastern-based treatments that are usually not available in western countries.
  • You have the choice to tell people, such as your colleagues or friends, that you went on a holiday.
  • You can combine rehab with a holiday.
  • A rehab abroad can be psychologically rewarding.
  • You will have good memories of your early recovery days.
  • You will be completely removed from your normal environment and daily stressors.
  • Your entire stay will remain private and confidential.

In addition to the benefits of going to an addiction rehab in Thailand, or elsewhere, you may have a few reasons to put off treatment. As a leading private drug and alcohol rehab abroad, we have known about the following objections that some people have held about getting treatment abroad.

  • You may have concerns about applying for a Visa.
  • You might feel worried about the standards of care.
  • You may feel unsure about the food that will be available.
  • You don’t know whether you can be away from your family.
  • You are concerned about the cost.

Dispelling the Objections of Going to Rehab Abroad

There will be objections to any decision, and some may have bearing; whereas, others are untrue or exaggerated. To relieve you of your concerns, consider these points.

  • If you do need a visa, the rehab will help you to get one. In Thailand, most western countries will not need a visa. If you stay for a long period of time at Siam Rehab, you may need a visa, and in this case, we will help you.
  • The standard of care in Thailand is comparable to western medical care, if not better.
  • Most rehabs abroad are western owned, have western trained staff, and provide treatment that is the same or greater than western countries.
  • While Thai food is considered to be some of the best in the world, not all people like it. We offer an extensive menu of catered Thai and western cuisine that can be modified to your dietary needs.
  • Although it might be difficult to be away from family, you are doing the right thing in getting help for a drug or alcohol addiction.
  • Most rehab centres abroad are cheaper than standard programmes in the UK, Australia, or the U.S.

Conclusion: Going to Rehab Abroad Can Change Your Life

By going to a great rehab, whether near your home or abroad, will mean you have greater odds to reaching a successful recovery. By being willing to travel abroad to attain a better rehab also shows that you are dedicated to your desire for reaching a healthy, sober mind and body.

By now you should have a greater understanding of why so many men and women are preferring rehabs abroad rather than in their home country. If you would like to know more about going to rehab abroad, or are ready to talk with a drug and alcohol treatment centre in Thailand, call Siam Rehab now.