International Rehab

Benefits of Going Abroad to an International Rehab

If you’re looking for a drug and alcohol rehab, you may have stumbled across one of the latest trends in medical tourism, that being going to rehab abroad. If you’ve never heard about this, or are not sure how it works, you’ll want to find out the primary reasons for doing so.

There may be a number of things you are looking for in a quality rehab program. Cost, treatment options, therapies, program beliefs and privacy concerns are just a few things you’ll want to consider. So when you’re looking for a rehab, be sure to weigh out all of your options.

Why go to Rehab so Far Away From Home

For some, the thought of going abroad for drug and alcohol treatment can seem daunting and scary. Friends or family may be skeptical about your real intentions; in fact they may think you are just trying to escape your addiction all together rather than really seek out help.

Only recently has the ability to travel abroad for an addiction become possible. For many addicts and their families this has been life saving. Now more than ever, the options of getting help for an addiction are vaster than ever. Low cost flights, easy access to international countries like Thailand and free or affordable visas means foreign rehabs are something everyone should consider.

Extra Privacy and Confidentiality

Privacy is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to treatment at a rehab. When you decide to go to Thailand for rehab treatment, your privacy will be respected to the fullest. With addiction medical tourism, you can easily tell your work that you’re taking an extended holiday. You will not have to worry about colleagues, close friends or relatives seeing you because you will be far away. Moreover, some countries mandate that rehabs must disclose their records of all patients. In Thailand, rehabs do not have to provide any information to government officials or anyone else. Moreover, for high profile clients, a small rehab in Thailand may be just right.

Lower Cost, Better Care

Private addiction treatment can be costly, especially in the West. Affordability tends to be one of the primary reasons people choose to go to a rehab abroad. Private facilities, luxury accommodation and holistic therapies local to the area are available for a fraction of the cost. Even for people who may struggle to find a quality affordable rehab at home, going abroad to a private facility may be an option.

Immediate Intake, No Waiting Times

Rehabs, especially public ones, can have waiting lists which mean you may not be able to begin treatment for weeks or months. In the case of addiction, when you’re ready for change, action needs to happen immediately. International rehabs are usually private so you will be able to start treatment as soon as possible.

Completely New Environment

Environmental conditions play a role in addiction. By going to rehab abroad, you voluntarily leave familiar surroundings and enter a new one. At first, it may seem scary because you don’t know what to expect. Within days you’ll realize this will help you to dedicate your entire self to the treatment. There are no using buddies nearby ready to pick you up and there will not be your favorite bar to stop and have a drink at. Going to rehab in Thailand brings the word abroad to another level. The country is rich in culture, exotic cuisine and in Chiang Rai; you’ll be able to get sober with a view.

Concerns of Going Abroad and How You Can Overcome Them

It’s understandable to have concerns. You may miss family back at home, wonder about visas, be unsure about the food or have fears about the language. While every country is different, Thailand is a place which is easygoing, relaxed and used to travelers. Getting a visa should not be an issue, in fact it may be free or less than 100 USD. Foreign rehabs catering to tourists and expats will have foreign staff members that speak English and other languages. The treatment facility will likely have a chef on site who can make local, flavorful food as well as special meals which cater to your dietary requirements. Throughout your stay, although it may be limited, you will be able to contact loved ones to give them an update on your progress.

All in all, going to a rehab anywhere in the world can be a big change that comes with a number of mixed emotions. Even so, this decision is one that will take you on a new, healthier path in life. It is one you will not regret.

Serenity Chiang Rai

If you are considering an international rehab abroad, Serenity Thailand Rehab is a private center in the North of Thailand. If you would like to know more about our treatment programs and intake process, please give us a call today.