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10 Reasons to Choose Siam Rehab in Thailand

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Siam Rehab in Thailand for treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. For you or someone you love.

10 Reasons to Choose Siam Rehab in Thailand

When a person is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction and finally comes to the decision to consider an addiction treatment facility they can often be overwhelmed with the number of options that appear available. Quickly once they start calling different centres they find long waiting lists and high fees. The exercise becomes more of a process of elimination until they find what they believe is the best centre for their needs that can accept them on their schedule.

When considering an alcohol or drug rehab in Thailand there are options. Here are some of the top reasons to choose Siam Rehab over the other centres available.

1: The Most Affordable Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Thailand

Siam Rehab is the most affordable drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre in Thailand or possibly the world.  Just because we are more affordable then other centres in the world does not mean that we are less effective or lower quality, it just means that we are not in this purely for money.

The program at Siam is as good or better then many of the centres that we see on TV. Our goal is to be a luxury rehab, with first class treatment and accommodations with the lowest fees that we can possibly manage, while still providing all the amenities and treatments that you find in the higher priced centres.

2. Smaller is Better

We believe when it comes to addiction treatment, smaller is better. In a large centre it is easy to get lost in the crowd and there is nothing less personal then sitting in a group where there are 40+ people and the counsellor has so many patients that they constantly need to refer to their notes to remember who is who.  

At Siam we only accept 25 clients at a time and the centre is more of a family environment. The relationships and bonds that are developed here last a lifetime. The clients and staff work together, eat together and the whole program is meant to be more like a family then a clinic.

The facility however has the largest amount of land and gardens then any centre in Thailand. Set on 30 acres of manicured gardens there are many places where you can be alone and read a book or ust reflect on the changed you are undergoing.

reasons to choose Siam Rehab

3. Holistic, Evidence-Based Rehab

At Siam we believe that a person is more then just their addiction. Just stopping drinking or using drugs is unlikely to be very effective, a holistic approach to treatment is needed where by you treat the mind, body and spirit. To do this we not only use an addiction treatment program, we also combine this with (CBT) cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness meditation, yoga and physical fitness programs. This not only treats the addiction but gives people tools they can use going into the future to stay clean and sober while also living a quality, happy life without the need for mood altering substances.

4. Addiction Counsellors Who Have Been There

The counsellors at Siam Rehab Centre all have a past history of addiction. Why is this important? When talking to a counsellor about your problems they understand what you have been through, more importantly however they know how to stay drug and alcohol free after treatment, they do it everyday of their lives. Siam Rehab is truly a centre where it is addicts helping addicts. We take it one step farther though, our counsellors also have the education and experience in counselling to go along with their daily life in recovery.

5. Amazingly Beautiful Setting

Not only is Siam Rehab incredible value for money it is also in an unbelievable location. Set on a large plot of land in a remote part of the jungle, the Siam Centre is an amazing place to recover from addiction. With sports field, basket ball court, boxing gym, spinning gym, swimming pool, media room, expansive manicured gardens, koi ponds and many secluded and private sitting areas where you can go to reflect or read a book, Siam gives you an amazing environment to heal.

6. World Class Medical Facilities

Where Siam Rehab is not a medical facility, just a short drive from the center we have a world class private hospital to serve our clients needs. The Hospital is a fully equipped medical hospital operated by the largest chain of private hospitals in South East Asia. A huge percentage of the patients that use the Bangkok Hospital Group for their medical needs travel to Thailand just for treatment with this group. At Siam we take out clients health concerns seriously and only work with properly trained and qualified medical doctors.

7. Easy Travel Connections

Chang Rai is the very North of Thailand, with easy 1 1/4 hour connects from Bangkok. Most people arriving form their home country will change planes in Bangkok for the onward trip. There are more then 10 flights a day from BBK and DMK airports.

8. All Private Rooms

Siam Rehab understands that your privacy is import and all clients get their own private room set amongst the gardens in a beautiful tropical setting.

Each room has a private bathroom, air conditioning, Hot water, refrigerator, room safe, desk or working table, high speed WiFi internet and a balcony.

The staff clean all rooms regularly as well as change linens and collect and return your laundry.  

The rooms at Siam Rehab are clean, comfortable and well kept.

9. Amazing Weekend Excursions

Rehab is hard work, people are not coming to us for a luxury vacation, they are coming to make major changes in their lives. Years of drug or alcohol abuse is not “cured” in a day and there is no quick fix, it is hard work. However no one can do therapy 8 hours a day, 7 days a week.

On Mondays we take a break from treatment and will go on an excursion to see some of the sites of this lovely part of the world. These excursions can be elephant trekking, bicycling through the local natural forest reserve, visiting world heritage sites, etc. There are unlimited things to do in Chiang Rai and while in addiction treatment there is no reason not to take advantage of these opportunities.

10. Access to the outside world

At Siam Rehab we understand that you have other responsibilities and loved one you wil need to stay in contact with. To facilitate this we have high speed fiber internet throughout the centre and clients get access outside therapy times.  We do not take away your phones, laptops, etc. We only ask you do not take them into therapy sessions. 

When choosing an alcohol or drug rehab in Thailand, think of Siam Rehab Thailand Centre as your first and best choice for addiction treatment in Asia. Call today we are here to help.