Australian Superannuation for Rehab

Discover how your Australian superannuation fund can be a valuable resource to support your rehabilitation and wellness efforts. Discover the financial support available to you on your journey to a healthier, addiction-free life.

Get Access to Your Superannuation for Addiction Treatment

Several of our clients have successfully used their superannuation plans to cover the costs of overseas rehab. We thought it’d be helpful to share this valuable information for funding your recovery in 3 simple steps:

Explore the early release option

Read more about the Early Release of Super option to fund your rehab journey. Many clients have successfully had their funds released within just two weeks of initiating the process.

Apply online through myGov account

You can apply online through your myGov account. Note that CenterLink logins are being phased out, so you may need to set up a myGov account if you haven’t already. You’ll require two medical letters or forms, one from your GP and one from a specialist, both affirming the medical necessity of your rehabilitation.

Discussing your situation with your GP

Your GP will likely need to refer you to an addiction specialist. You’ll also need a letter from us, confirming the total fees and your acceptance into our program. Feel free to reach out, and we’ll be happy to provide the necessary documentation.

In case you're unable to apply online, you can reach out to the Department of Human Services for further assistance. They can be contacted between 9 am and 5 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time, Monday to Friday, at 1300 131 060 or +61 3 6222 2189.

We look forward to helping you, if you are going to start this process be sure to get in contact so we can provide you with the documents needed from our end.

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