Nothing tells the story better than people who have actually been here. Here is a small selection from our clients who have attended Siam Rehab Thailand to overcome their addictions as well as mental health issues.
Note: Serenity Rehab changed its name to Siam Rehab in mid-2018 in order to have a unique name and avoid confusion with the many other Serenity Rehabs throughout the world.
Where do I even begin. Siam Rehab is on another level. I have been to multiple rehabs in Australia and all I can say is don’t waste you money, give yourself the best possible opportunity at a better life, I found that opportunity at Siam. The facilities are amazing, beautiful open spaces with a gym that blew my mind. Facilities are clean, the food is delicious and in abundance...
Damian, Australia

Most Clients are Referred by Graduates

Nothing tells the story better than people who have actually been here. Here is a small selection from our clients who have attended Siam Rehab Thailand to overcome their addictions as well as mental health issues.

From the first moment I walked into Siam Rehab I was inundated with care and love from all the staff and fellow clients that paved the way for my personal recovery program. This program was very significant to my growth and recovery through a real caring is sharing approach, throughout which I truly felt in a safe and trusting space.

Through a diverse program ranging from one to one counselling, group work, meditation, and fitness sessions, I was able to return to my former mental, physical and spiritual self again.

One of the highlights for me was the reflective sunrise walks each morning amongst the serene, picturesque countryside of Chang Rai.
From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank all the wonderful staff and fellow clients at Siam Rehab for bringing back my positive assets and eliminating my negative ones, those which have been causing so much pain and chaos in my life. Not only have you restored me to sanity, but equipped me with a range of tools to get my life manageable again, and I am grateful.

Marko, Australia

I was in rehab, a private hospital in Perth, Western Australia, trying to beat my long addiction to methamphetamine. This was my second rehab in the last two years. During my stay there my parents were desperately trying to find a better solution, something different, fearing that the outcome of local help will fail once again. Their research led them to Siam Rehab in Thailand. Reluctant at first, it took some convincing, but in the end I agreed to embark on the most significant journey of my life and days later I was on a flight to Thailand.

As soon as I walked into the Siam Rehab Center, I felt serenity, peace, ease and a sense of belonging. The location and the facilities were amazing, truly fitting to accommodate recovery. Most importantly the program Siam Rehab offers, accompanied by knowledgable and experienced councillors, was the key to my recovery.

Before my time at Siam Rehab, for a long time I have been stuck in a deadly loop and despite my best efforts haven’t been able to break it. Thanks to the loving and caring staff at Siam Rehab, I now have the freedom and choice to live a clean life, a spiritually enhanced life and no matter where I am in the world I will always have the support of this program.

Words can not express the gratitude I feel, something from above must of brought me to Siam Rehab and I am now equipped to start the rest of my life. Thanks to the team at Siam Rehab for giving my parents their only son back, the way they always wanted him.


When I reached out to seek help from Siam Rehabilitation Centre I was on my knees, desperate for help and not knowing which way to turn. I had tried numerous ways and many times on my own to resolve my problems and find a solution. I had hit my rock bottom and I was desperate for help. Within a matter of days I arrived and was met at the airport, with a warm handshake and an understanding smile of acknowledgement of being in the right place. Once I arrived at Siam Rehab I was soon safely checked in and left to settle into my room and meet the team and other guests.

The programme was well balanced using the 12 steps but also cognitive behavioural therapy and evidence based workshops. Our day was structured and balanced and provided me the needed boundaries to start developing my confidence and understand the importance of scheduling and timeliness.

Every day started with a wholesome breakfast with many choices and every meal always had local fruits. The food was all home cooked and delicious with lots of use of imagination, herbs and spices. The kitchen team were always friendly and prepared to accommodate whatever individual requirements you may have.

After breakfast there was always a meditation or walk. During the day there were scheduled sessions, focusing on the steps, recovery, relapse prevention, life stories and development. These were backed up and reinforced by one-on-one sessions with your designated personal counsellor. There was lots of work, written worksheets and reading and generous time allocated to accomplish this. Much of our work was presented in the sessions, allowing for feedback and comments which was so helpful, and enabled me to grow and understand my issues and more importantly the tools to manage the future.

Additional sessions were art therapy — amazing to let out some emotions and thoughts via this method too — films, working out in the gym, games night and group excursions. This allowed us to further bond and experience some of the special things Thailand has to offer.
A key issue for me was being able to understand and deal with my emotions which the therapeutic sessions really got to grips with. Meditation as well as healthy exercise combined for a true holistic approach. Everything was perfected with the amazing Thai massages which rid the body of toxins, aches, pains and really allowed me to feel and experience peace and being one with myself. Truly unique in my lifetime.

Our free time as a group was filled with plenty of laughter and enjoyment – playing games and music and talking freely. The day was filled with lots of work and intense thought-provoking sessions, and the evenings a chance to use new found skills to interact with our fellow team members and staff. I have great memories of singing along to the guitar as we recounted our favourite songs for each other, or practised our artwork during Pictionary, our word skills at Scrabble, and just having clean, happy fun.
I choose Siam Rehab as I wanted to find myself again, be healed and know what true living is all about as well as beat my addiction. Siam Rehab has exceeded my expectations on all counts. It has met my physical, mental and spiritual goals and has been shown to me in a loving, caring way.

I count it a true blessing from my Higher Power to have found real serenity in my soul through this wonderful place. I look forward to coming back to share my strength, experience and hope with other guests at a later date. I know I have the best possible start on my journey. With much gratitude from my heart to you all.

Matt, Australia

I am writing this to let you know about my time at Siam Rehab Center. My experience at Siam Rehab has been a tremendously enlightening experience of growth and change, to enable myself to constructively engage in a sober lifestyle in society. The groups are just the right size for one to become just that little bit more vulnerable to engage through sharing the demons of my past which I have never been able to do until coming to Siam Rehab.

The love and compassion of the counsellors and all other staff members is unmatched in comparison to my experience at other rehabs! The accommodation is a great resort style with all meals prepared and served by excellent staff.

Siam Rehab gave me a fantastic approach to my recovery, incorporating the twelve steps, healthy food and exercise also incorporating a spiritual side to my recovery using meditation on walks in the morning. For me Siam Rehab was the piece of the puzzle I needed to engage in a quality of lifestyle. I have discovered I am worthy of! Thank you to all the staff and clients for an experience I will truly remember for a life time.

Sue, Australia

My time at Siam Rehab has been life changing. From the time I stepped off the plane at the airport I was welcomed and immediately put at ease. I knew I would be in safe hands for the next 4 weeks.

The program is intensive and at times exhausting but very enjoyable and best of all, enlightening. Based on the 12 steps program, which I hadn’t previously experienced, but it soon became my way of life. The centre sessions are small and individual personal help is always available. Your recovery is their priority.

After the 4 week primary treatment plan, I spent an additional 4 weeks in the secondary program, where you get to enjoy more freedom and experience living with sobriety, whilst continuing the treatment sessions.

Sadly I leave tomorrow. I have gained the confidence, strength, knowledge and tools to move forward on a path to an alcohol and drug free lifestyle, one step at a time.

My heartfelt thanks to everyone for their counselling, guidance and belief in me. Thanks also to the many support staff but especially Au, Rudy and Louise.

Your rehab has been a godsend. Thank you for everything.

Joan, UK

When I first came to Siam Rehab I had no idea what to expect, I just knew that I was open to change. It’s important to come with an open mind and minimal ego. I was somewhat eager to get started but was able to settle in over the weekend.
Once you get started if you give yourself to the program you will have more than enough to do.

The staff is very good at providing guidelines but the more you put in to your program the more you will definitely take away. The counsellors are very supportive but at the same time keep you honest and are very thorough with things.

It’s very important to be as honest as you can, as four weeks isn’t a long time. However, it is long enough to make some definite changes, if a person is committed. You will find the more honest you are and the more you are able to share with your peers the more you will get out of your program.

Every person is of course an individual, but it’s important to recognize the similarities amongst your peers while there, as the people you share time with are often the ones who aid in your recovery the most. By mixing small group therapy, cognitive therapy and alternative therapies such as mindfulness and positive self-imagery, you get a unique combination of ways to initiate positive change as keep it ongoing after you leave here.

One of the most unique things at Siam Rehab is the number of clients there. Keeping the number low definitely helps maintain a more personal and family like atmosphere while in the recovery process. You will find that atmosphere itself one of the most conducive things in providing a safe and healthy place from which to start your recovery process.

There is an overwhelming atmosphere of nature and positive energy which allows a person time to reflect and really aid in the process of soul searching and recovery. The meals and the lodging itself is more conducive to the atmosphere of a resort then you would think of a rehab center. I feel as if I would rather go back to the center to have my meals than to have them in the outside world.

In addition to the counsellors there the workers and the Thai staff is absolutely wonderful in helping you settle in and making you feel at home. If you need any specific changes they are always cheerfully helpful in regards to meals and accommodations. Everyone regardless of position or cultural background works together in this unique atmosphere.

If you feel like you need to make a change… then you probably do. Siam Rehab is a great place to get started and the sooner the better.

Frank, Belgium

When I came into Siam Rehab 5 weeks ago I was broken. I had given up on living and hated how low I had become, I hated myself and couldn’t live on another day.

I was so mentally weak, I attempted suicide before coming into treatment. I had given up. I selfishly took an overdose but when this failed my family got together and sent me to rehab. I didn’t have much hope, but was willing to do anything suggested, if it meant I didn’t have to drink and take drugs again. I couldn’t do it on my own.

Since the day I arrived at Siam Rehab, I have been shown nothing but love and support from the staff. They understood me and have helped me to learn to love myself again. I am an alcoholic and a drug addict, and always will be. But by working a program and having faith in it, today I know I have a future.

I owe it all to these beautiful caring people I have met at Siam Rehab. They are friends who want nothing from me but to see me happy and to stay clean. I can’t thank you enough for everything, my peers and the kind staff for all their hard work and amazing food. I couldn’t of done it with out all of you.

George, USA

After looking at many websites from different rehabs in Thailand, Siam Rehab stood above the rest. Not just because of its beautiful location and facilities, but because it operated with a small group size.

I have learnt a lot since being here which has aided my recovery. The staff at all levels are very caring, as well as my peers, who also have changed over the 28 days.

Being here have taught me a lot of which I could relate to, and learn from. I certainly made the right decision to come to Siam Rehab. Thank you for everything!

Karol, Australia

I’m so happy and grateful to do the program at Siam Rehab Center. I recommend it to all who suffer and need help. Be open-minded, honest, willing and sharing. Accept, change and learn. The therapists at Siam Rehab know what they are talking about. It’s a safe place place for recovery in a beautiful setting. You will learn about your feelings and mindfulness. With excellent exercise and meditation facilities.

It’s an intense program, but what you put in it you get out of it. For me its been a good start to change into a sober, clean and happy life.

Ricky, UK

Serenity — To be honest I had never used the word, heard of the word or known what it meant. I was falling down a dark hole with no rope or ladder. I reached the bottom of the hole, my rock bottom. When I got there I saw a door open, above with the word Serenity painted on the wall. I decided to walk through that door and now know the meaning of the word Serenity.

During my journey at Siam Rehab I also found what peace, tranquillity and honesty are. I then found my true spirit and built up a new foundation not only to conquer the evil disease bestowed upon me, but also to better myself as a human being, to forgive myself for my wrongs and to forgive those whom wronged me.

I learned through group therapy and one-to-one counselling that I can trust again, I can be trusted, I can be honest. I then realized that the program and the treatment I was receiving really worked. I started to feel and see the change in myself.

Through meditation, prayer, and exercise at Siam Rehab, I found completeness and oneness within. My mind, body, spirit and soul all started to combine. The massages are also a form of deep relaxation therapy. The art therapy is amazing, a chance to draw and paint what feelings and emotions I am experiencing is truly therapeutic. The fitness classes and also the gym helped me to regain my strength both physically as well as mentally. What a wonderful location with beautiful surroundings!

I found Siam Rehab Centre to be luxuriously comfortable which helped my recovery. The food is absolutely exquisite, and healthy, too. The staff are highly trained and experienced professionals who are also very friendly, supportive and understanding. I believe no other solution, medication or entity could have saved my life and helped me build a better future or to be abstinent and be a better person. Thanks to all the staff. I could never repay you for what you have given me back… my life.

Barry, Australia

My first contact was with Wade who was recommended to me by a close friend. I spoke with him on the phone and explained my dilemma and my need for help. I was in a dark place. Alcohol abuse and deep depression engulfed my life.

He spoke calmly of my commitment to myself and could I commit for 28 days. I agreed to, and began my journey.

Upon arrival at Siam Rehab I was greeted with respect and dignity. Slowly, with the help of the great team, I was able to face my demons in an amazing, caring environment. The group sessions were a great moral boost, and the people I met and worked hard with have forged a bond for life.

Siam Rehab is a very peaceful place set in a wonderful mountain landscape where it’s so easy to find a spot to be alone with your thoughts. We have been treated well with weekend trips, games with movie nights. The use of the gym and for our own fitness goals was a pleasant surprise. Plus a massage twice a week made the healing experience much easier.

I leave for home tomorrow knowing I can face the World with the tools I have been given at Siam Rehab Rehab Center.

C., UK

My 28 days at Siam Rehab have been a truly amazing experience. The entire staff team are extremely professional and passionate and immediately made me feel at ease despite my initial nerves and reservations. The rehab centre itself is luxurious, set in beautiful grounds. The rooms are comfortable and cleaned daily. The food provided is delicious and of a high standard. This all eases the process of starting recovery, which is very much an emotional roller-coaster.

There is a maximum of 12 clients, which creates a family and I have made close friendships with all my peers. Siam Rehab has exceeded all expectations I had and has provided me with the knowledge and tools to enable me to leave feeling positive, refreshed and ready to start a new life of sobriety.

Gillian, Australia

I arrived at Siam Rehab as a broken doll, during my time there, I felt like I was slowly pieced back together. I can’t thank the staff enough for all they did for me while I was there. I wouldn’t have got through the journey without their love, guidance and support. I would not hesitate to recommend Siam Rehab to anyone needing help to find themselves again.

K., Australia

Siam Rehab Center is beyond anything I could fully comprehend. The accommodation is luxurious, and the healthy variety of Thai cuisine are always welcoming. The therapists are world class, and will tell you exactly what you need to hear.

Going to the meetings I have met incredible people from all walks of life with many years of sobriety, yet maintaining the humility of the common denominator that brings us together. I am no longer afraid of facing the reality of my return to Australia. Because I have been empowered with the specific knowledge of my addiction and management techniques, that I need to use everyday, to put my recovery first. All else will follow.

Joel, Hong Kong

You’ve helped save my life, Siam Rehab. Your staff went far beyond my expectations. I finally believe I have the future I’ve been searching for. The counsellors and support staff are good, honest people who have lived the addict’s life. They now pass on a lifetime’s worth of wisdom and experience to those who need their help. The facilities and food were better than I could have expected. I now have the tools to face life sober, healthy, and happy. My time here is something I will never forget. I can never say thank you enough.


Siam Rehab has been in general an excellent experience for me. The great staff are, in my opinion, what has made the most positive impact on my recovery process. I also have a very good opinion of each and every other member that is working at the rehab. People are caring and considerate, and they will go out of their way to make you feel at home.

As for the place itself, the scenery is magnificent and the rooms and public areas very nice too. Overall, I definitely recommend the Siam Rehab Center.

I arrived there completely hopeless about my capacity to control my drinking, and do anything useful with my life. I am leaving after only 28 days feeling alive and hopeful for the first time in many years. Keep up the good work guys!

D., Kuala Lumpur

Siam Rehab counsellors put me back on track towards a life in recovery, and I will be forever grateful for your professionalism, compassion, courteous and respectful nature and most especially, for believing in me, when I believed I knew it all. I knew nothing about how to stay sober when I arrived, and when I left after 48, I carried with me the essential recovery tools to begin my life again, renewed and rested from a life of wicked addiction and addiction thinking. I have found a part of me that was missing and I am not ever willing to let it go again — my self-respect.

The primary program helped me see the person I’d become as an addict. You pushed me to a new understanding as to how powerless I had been and where I could be if I worked the program.

It was not an easy transition in understanding and accept. However, I began listening to those who knew better, and today I am better for it.

Siam Rehab staff made me feel welcome, unashamed of why I was there, and helped keep me healthy with fantastic food, exercise and a deeply felt warmth that permeated throughout the whole facility, from the gardener to the young ladies helping to ensure my room was cared for while the counsellors cared for me.

Thank you for all the ersonal time with most of the counsellors and the dedicated work Siam Rehab does to get this addict back on his feet and living my life without active addiction.

You gave me what you promised, Siam Rehab. You helped me get my life back. Thank you folks.

D., Australia

If you want peace and tranquillity in your life, and are willing to go to any length to get it, Siam Rehab is definitely the place to go to. I came here for three months — as I had hit rock bottom, again — and was tired of being sick and tired. The staff, the location, the program and all the information that is available to help guide you are all amazing. The personalized attention will allow you to make the changes you need in your recovery. Everyone has their own story, but at Siam Rehab you feel like you also part of a team. Everyone is strongly encouraged to express themselves and their feelings. There is absolutely no shame or guilt put upon you. Of course you need to put in the work, but the results will amaze.If you want peace and tranquillity in your life, and are willing to go to any length to get it, Siam Rehab is definitely the place to go to. I came here for three months — as I had hit rock bottom, again — and was tired of being sick and tired. The staff, the location, the program and all the information that is available to help guide you are all amazing. The personalized attention will allow you to make the changes you need in your recovery. Everyone has their own story, but at Siam Rehab you feel like you also part of a team. Everyone is strongly encouraged to express themselves and their feelings. There is absolutely no shame or guilt put upon you. Of course you need to put in the work, but the results will amaze.

Sarah, Australia
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