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Covid 19 - Treatment Programme

Due to the diffiuclties with travelling during Covid 19 we are offering an all inclusive programme to make it easy for you to get to Thailand and into treatment. 

4 - 34 Week Addiction Treatment Programme

Siam Rehab is offering an all inclusive 4 – 34 week addiction treatment programme to make it easy for you to get here and navigate the travel restrictions. 

We will help you every step of the way, from advising on obtaining a visa and booking your flights to, recommending your quarantine options, transfers, domestic flights and mandatory travel insurance.

While in Quarantine you will not be alone, we will do daily 1 to 1 counselling sessions via Skype with you to make good use of your time so you will be starting your treatment programme from day one. 

When you arrive at the Bangkok airport you will be picked up by hotel and medical staff and transferred to the hotel. When finished quarantine you will be escorted to Bangkok Airport for the short 1 hour flight to Chiang Rai Airport where we will be waiting to greet you and escort you to the primary facility. 

You can choose the 4 week primary treatment programme after your quarantine or longer term programmes and transition to sober living.

Sober living will give you more freedom while still being in a safe environment. During this stage you can learn a new language, or Muay Thai boxing, take University courses, learn to be a Thai chef, etc.  All while working towards your goals of lifelong recovery. 


Included in your 4 - 34 Week Programme


  • (Daily 1 to 1 online session while in quarantine)
  • Private room with en-suit bathroom
  • All meals
  • Twice Weekly 1-to-1 Counselling sessions in Primary
  • Daily Educational Group sessions
  • Daily Recovery Group Sessions
  • Weekly check ups with our psychiatrist if needed
  • Meditation Training
  • Fitness Training 
  • Muay Thai Boxing Training (optional)
  • Yoga Sessions
  • Pick up / Drop off at Chiang Rai Airport
  • Laundry Service
  • Maid Service 
  • 24 hour onsite staff
  • Weekly excursions
  • High Speed fiber internet on site

Not Included:

  • Airfare to Chiang Rai
  • Add on (Regenerative Medicine Package with Dr. Erik Fleichman)
  • Covid 19 testing
  • Quarantine if necessary
  • Medical insurance covering Covid 19 treatment
  • Visa and visa extensions
  • Medication from the doctor
  • Additional doctor visits and transportation
  • Transportation for non-treatment related activities
  • Expenses at the Siam coffee shop and bakery
  •  Additional massage and spa treatments

Whats it Like in a Quarantine Hotel?

4 Week Programme

Primary Addiction Treatment
$ 9,500
  • 4 Week Primary Addiction Treatment

8 Week Programme

Primary Addiction Treatment
$ 18,500
  • 8 Weeks Primary Treatment

12 Week Programme

Primary Addiction Treatment
$ 27,500
  • 12 Week Primary Addiction Treatment

Add On: Full Board Sober Living

Price Per Month After Completing 12 Weeks Primary
$ 5,000
  • 4 Week Full Board Sober Living

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Deposit and Balance Payment via Wire Transfer

The deposit, US$2,000 (or your countries equivalent) is due upon acceptance to our programme. The deposit can easily be paid with a Bank to Bank transfer, our company has bank accounts in Australia, UK, Europe, USA, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore and Thailand to make it easy for you to transfer.

Once you are accepted into the programme our admission team will send you an invoice for the deposit. After the deposit is received we will start the process of securing your place in the programme and advising on what you will need to do to come to treatment. 

The balance is due prior to finishing quarantine and arriving at Siam Rehab Centre. 

*Please note, the deposit is 100% non-refundable, but is transferable if you are delayed for a legitimate reason.  The balance will fall under our standard refund policy that can be found here. 

**Also please note this programme does not fall under other items you might read on this website or any other referencing our terms and conditions at Siam Rehab Centre as most everything else was written pre-covid and we have had to change our policies until the pandemic and travel restrictions are over. 

***If you require detox medication while in quarantine you will have to bring it with you as there is no way for us to obtain it for you until you arrive in Chiang Rai and are seen by our doctor. 

****4 – 8 week programme can come on the visa waiver that was announced 18/12/20, longer programmes will need to get either 60 day tourist visa (for 12 week programmes, we can extend 30 days) or a STV (special tourist visa) for programmes 13 to 36 weeks.