Best Drug Rehab in Thailand

Siam Rehab is the most effective drug rehab in Thailand. The centre is set in an amazing mountain valley with beautiful jungle views in every direction. At Siam Rehab you will find a world class recovery community unlike anything available in the world.

Drug Rehab Programme

At Siam Rehab is a drug rehab programme with no equal, with some of the most highly trained staff in the world. We know we can have the nicest facilities and best location but none of that will matter if the team of doctors, psychologists, counselors, nurses and support workers are not the best available.

We have assembled a team that is near impossible to match. Partly by design and partly by luck. When we chose our location we didn’t know that just up the road was the clinic of the North of Thailand’s most experienced and qualified addiction psychiatrist. Dr. Mark, now works with us and our clients as the medical director.

The staff at Siam Rehab include

  • Licensed Addiction Psychiatrist
  • Onsite nurse
  • Psychologists
  • Psychotherapists
  • Equine assisted therapist
  • Addiction Counsellors - all in recovery themselves
  • Team of support workers
  • Personal trainers
  • Massage Therapists
  • Yoga, Spinning, CrossFit, Muay Thai boxing trainers
  • Meditation instructor
  • Two Chefs and a full complement of staff serving the kitchen and dining room
  • Maids, gardeners, maintenance people, etc.

Drug Rehab Centre Facilities

We understand that you cannot do counseling and psychotherapy 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It is ineffective and you need time to relax, reflect and decompress from the changes you are going through. You also need to time to exercise and start getting physically fit as well as mentally fit.

To achieve this balance Siam Rehab is set on a 30 acre former resort with all the facilities you would expect. Huge dining area, basketball court, swimming pool, running track, official size muay thai boxing ring, yoga area, spinning classes, dedicated meditation room where you can go when needed, multiple group therapy and one to one rooms and many secluded places amount the tropical gardens to rest or read a book.

Detox in Thailand

Some people might need a drug detox as the first stage of their treatment. At Siam Rehab we have an addiction psychiatrist on staff who will advise and manage this process. Most time this can be done onsite as an outpatient under Dr. Mark’s care while you are taking part in the programme.

Affordable Drug Rehab Programme

We understand that getting world class treatment for a drug addiction can be expensive and for many unachievable due to the costs. At Siam Rehab we have purposefully set our location in one of the lease expensive areas of the country. This allows us to be much more affordable then similar centres in the West, often you can do a full 12 week programme at Siam Rehab for less than the fees of a 4 week programme in America, the UK, or Australia. We are able to achieve this while keeping the quality second to none due to the overheads in the area being considerably less than what you are used to. Even when factoring the costs of airfare and travel.

Getting To Siam Rehab

Thailand is a major tourist centre with the ease of travel that comes with it. Bangkok is the air transportation hub of South East Asia with multiple daily flights from just about every major city in the world. Getting to Bangkok is your first leg of the journey an reasonably simple. Once you arrive in Bangkok you will not need to change airports to Chiang Rai, just walk from the international to the domestic end to board you flight to Chiang Rai which is only a 1 hour and 15 minute flight.

When you arrive at CEI, Chiang Rai airport depending on your flight you might need to clear immigration if you haven’t already in Bangkok. We will be waiting outside the baggage area to pick you up and take you to the centre.