Chiang Rai Drug and Alcohol Treatment

10 Reasons Chiang Rai Thailand is Leading Destination for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

If you are considering going to rehab, or sending a loved one, Chiang Rai Drug and Alcohol Treatment may be on the top of your list if you’ve already done some research. If not, it’s recommended to familiarize yourself with addiction treatment in Thailand. This is because the South East Asian country has quickly become one of the leading destinations for medical tourism which includes drug or alcohol rehab treatment. Thailand is home to some of the warmest, friendliest people and has a very peaceful atmosphere thanks to their Buddhist views. Apart from this, there are many reasons to go to a rehab center in Thailand.

Easy Visas for Most Countries

Most people outside of Asia will need a visa to enter Thailand. For stays less than 30 days, you won’t need this, but because a rehab program is generally 28 days or longer, you might need to apply in advance. Luckily this is a straight forward process for the majority of nationalities. Once you’re ready to begin treatment, you can contact immigration or the rehab for further advice on what to do next. However with present Visa laws when a person from most countries enters Thailand on a 30 day visitor visa, available for free on arrival, this can be extended in country for an a charge presently of 1,900 baht for an additional 30 days. After that if a person is planning on staying longer in Thailand and did not get a visa in advance they will need to travel outside of the country. The staff at Serenity Rehab Thailand are very accustom to helping clients do this.

Tropical Weather

The country, in particular the North of Thailand, is home to tropical weather for the majority of the year and very comfortable moderate weather from December to March. Even in the rainy season, Chiang Rai Thailand retains its lush beauty and local feel.  Chiang Rai is sunny, blue skies and rich in color all year long. This will play a role during the rehab program, especially for anyone with depression or seasonal affective disorder.

Safe Environment

In general, Thailand is a very safe country. Serious crime is very rare; petty crime like pick pocketing happens but no more than other places in the world. The North of Thailand and in particular Chiang Rai is more of the 'Real' Thailand without a large tourist impact on the area the North is still a safer and more easy going place to be, the people are friendly and the culture is much more spiritual then the traditional tourist areas of the country.

Access to Private Hospitals

Because the country has become one of the leading destinations for medical tourism, Thailand has a wealth of private hospitals which are equipped with the best doctors and equipment. Should you require medical assistance, CHiang Rai has a few different options to choose from. These will likely not be necessary, but in case it is the emergency personal can be easily accessed for a quick transfer. Also since the private hospitals in Chiang Rai are more targeted at the local population instead of tourists the prices for excellent treatment are a fraction of the cost in the more popular cities.

Professional Foreign and Thai Staff

A private rehab in Thailand tends to attract western clientele; and so, it is understandable that seeing other western addiction professionals can instill a sense of familiarity and relaxation. These drug and alcohol treatment centers, including Serenity Chiang Rai, will have Thai and foreign addiction specialists on site who are directly working with those in recovery. Thai staff will also be on hand to aid in the assistance of specialized Thai Therapies, like massage and traditional medicine.

Affordable Rehab Treatment on Par with the Best Rehabs in the West

One of the biggest reasons to go to rehab in Thailand is the cost. When you compare a rehab in Chiang Rai to a leading rehab in the U.S., you will find the latter option costs 4 to 5 times more. In Thailand, the cost of living is much less than the U.S., U.K. or Australia. This means that the rehab can offer the same type of treatment program as well as, a comfortable private setting for a fraction of the price.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Include in the Rehab Program

You can find some of the most delicious tropical fruits and vegetables throughout the country. While not all rehabs take a nutritional approach to a healthy sobriety, our Chiang Rai rehab center does. Fresh, local produce is brought in every day to prepare healthy meals which support the recovery. The North of Thailand is a major agricultural area for the country and the world as a whole, locally there are huge farms and fresh markets growing everything from Strawberries, Wester and Oriental veggies to Oranges and Lychee Fruit.

Ability to Meet People from Around the Globe

Support is crucial during recovery. When you go to a rehab in Thailand, you will be immersed into incredible group dynamics especially when it comes to the cultures and backgrounds of other people. Through meeting these people, you will able to listed to different points of views, learn new healing techniques and even make long lasting sober friends.

Eclectic Range of Traditional and Alternative Therapies

In Thailand, you can find the some of the best Eastern therapies. Many of these have been used for relaxation, illness and imbalance for hundreds –even thousands -of years. At rehab, Thai massages may be given to improve circulation and flexibility, remove toxins from cells, relieve stress and induce relaxation. Also included in a rehab program may be an assortment of traditional and alternative therapies making it complete, integrated approach to treating the whole person and not just the addiction.

Complete Anonymity and Privacy

A final, yet leading reason to choose a drug and alcohol rehab center in Thailand is the privacy it will offer. When you participate in one of these programs you will not be obligated in any way to inform anyone (including your government personal) that you will be going to an addiction facility. Staff at the center will have to take an ethical oath which means that will not be able to discuss anything taking place at the rehab, or anyone who may be staying there. You will have complete privacy and therefore be able to focus completely on getting better.

Ready to Go to Rehab?

If you or a loved one is considering a rehab program in Thailand, contact Serenity Chiang Rai today to find out about our integrated and customized treatment.