Siam Rehab Location in Chiang Rai, Thailand

Siam Rehab Location in Chiang Rai, Thailand

Chiang Rai is undeniably the most suitable location for an addiction treatment centre in Thailand. This city manages to strike the perfect balance between offering modern amenities and maintaining a serene environment conducive to healing. The city’s size allows it to house top-tier medical facilities and an international airport, providing the necessary infrastructure for a world-class treatment centre.

What sets Chiang Rai apart, however, is its seclusion from the typical party-centric atmosphere associated with certain tourist hotspots in Thailand. In Chiang Rai, clients can fully immerse themselves in recovery, free from triggers and distractions. It is a place where tranquility and recovery go hand in hand, making it the perfect location for Siam Rehab.

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Siam Rehab Location in Chiang Rai, Thailand

Siam Rehab finds its home nestled in the tranquil outskirts of Chiang Rai, approximately a 30-minute drive from the Chiang Rai airport and 40 minutes from the city’s heart. Our rural setting offers a peaceful and serene environment, ideally suited for clients to concentrate on their addiction treatment programme, while still maintaining a connection with the local community through area excursions and fitness activities.

Chiang Rai offers a unique advantage as a location for addiction rehab, primarily because it lacks the heavy tourism and prevalent substance use found in areas such as Bangkok, Phuket, Samui, and Pattaya. It offers a change of scene, crucial for those in early recovery.

Our previous location on the island of Samui posed challenges, as many clients struggled with the pervasive party atmosphere. Moving to Chiang Rai allowed us to escape that environment, and the lower cost of living here enabled us to reduce our fees, making our high-quality treatment programme more accessible to those in need.

Getting to Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai International Airport is conveniently just an 80-minute flight from Bangkok (BKK), with multiple daily flights providing easy connections. If you prefer, Siam Rehab can arrange for one of our support staff to meet you at the Bangkok airport, assist with your connecting flight, and provide a taxi service from Chiang Rai airport to our facility.(fees apply)

This service can be particularly beneficial for those who value added convenience or wish to alleviate any travel-related stress. Many of our clients choose to make their own flight arrangements to Chiang Rai, but rest assured, we’re here to help whenever needed to ensure a smooth and worry-free journey to Siam Rehab.

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