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Dining at
Siam Rehab Thailand

With 2 chefs to cater to your needs and an incredible array of local organic produce, the meals at Siam Rehab will always be first class. 


Throughout the course of active addiction, the importance of maintaining a healthy diet is seemingly insignificant and as a result the body suffers a large amount of stress as it is not only subjected to an abundance of toxins but also malnourishment!

After years of substance abuse, many addicts arrive at a rehab facility dehydrated and malnourished, due to the extreme deficiencies of vitamins and the loss of important electrolytes. This is largely due to the fact that every resource available to the addict is used to purchase their drug of choice and, unfortunately, food falls into the least of their list of priorities. Another contributing factor to the malnourishment is that certain drugs suppress the appetite to the extent that addicts could spend days not eating anything at all. 

Excellent Food at Siam Rehab

On the opposite end of the scale, some clients enter rehab overweight as their bodies are left craving substances that are high in unhealthy sugars. Do not think that this translates to them arriving well-nourished. Many of the unhealthy foods consumed when cravings arise have little to no nutritional content in them whatsoever.

We understand all of this and pride ourselves on our superb, organically sourced, nutrient filled meals. Everyday our head-chef, Sine, prepares three delicious, highly nutritious, buffet meals for our clients. Each ingredient is selected from a local market in the area. Siam Rehab firmly believes in giving back to the local Thai community as much as possible and therefore almost all of our fresh ingredients are sourced and bought from a market at a village not too far away from our facility. It is very rare for us to purchase any fresh produce from mass retail outlets in the city. Every morning, before the sun rises, our kitchen staff ensures that our fridges are stocked with only the finest, purest, wholesome, organic food products. Each meal is freshly cooked and packed full of the nutrients which are essential in aiding the body to restore and heal itself.

In recovery it is vital that a healthy balanced diet needs to be consumed as it aids in balancing out the serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin is the hormone which helps to regulate mood and social behavior, appetite and digestion, sleep, memory, and relaxation. In the first year after drugs and alcohol are no longer abused, the body’s nutritional needs are much higher than normal. It is therefore one of our main priorities to ensure that we aid our clients into getting back into a routine of healthy, regular eating which then inevitably leads back to the serotonin levels in the body being restored to a healthy level again.

As the body slowly starts the process of healing itself from the inside out, those in recovery will start to feel the difference that a healthy diet can make. By allowing oneself to appreciate how important a healthy diet is and how much of a vital role it plays in recovery, our clients soon learn that balance in recovery is an all-encompassing journey of mind, body and spirit.