Drug & Alcohol Rehab Adelaide

As the wine capital of Australia, Adelaide is a vibrant city that has certain underlying issues regarding the use of alcohol as well as illicit drugs. From the inner city clubs of Hindley Street to outer lying suburbs such as Elizabeth, the consumption and effects of these harmful substances can be seen. Fortunately, Adelaide has plenty of counselling and treatment options although some may feel it is better to look elsewhere for rehab facilities that match the level of care they desire.

Drug Consumption within Adelaide

In 2013, the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre did a comprehensive study looking at drug trends within South Australia and in particular the Adelaide metropolitan area. This study found that, out of those listed on the Illicit Drug Reporting System (IDRS), 41% had used heroin, 75% had used methamphetamines, 60% had used cannabis and 49% had used opioids sometime during the previous six months.

In 1999, GISCA created a detailed map of drug overdoses within Adelaide. This found that while the large majority of overdoses were found around the CBD and Port Adelaide, there were also major concentrations found in The Parks area as well. This study focused on both narcotics such as heroin and non-narcotics such as amphetamines. Since it was made in 1999 though, figures and trends may have changed since.

More recently, it has been found that methamphetamines are now more commonly used within Adelaide. The Advertiser writes that there has been a 56.5% increase in the use of ice from 2012/13 to 2013/14. High concentrations have been detected at local sewage treatment stations. There has also been an increase in the number of illegal drug labs found within the city with ABC News reporting on illegal shipments being seized and arrests being made even during 2015.

Alcohol and the Adelaide Community

Located so close to the Barossa Valley, Adelaide is a city with no shortage of alcohol. While the vast majority of people drink on a social level, there are a few outliers who are doing harm to themselves and the community. In fact, SA Health says that in 2008/09 within the Adelaide metropolitan area that alcohol was involved in 65% of minor and serious assaults as well as 58% of victim-reported crimes. Alcohol has resulted in about 7,000 hospitalisations within South Australia per year.

Most of these incidents occur within the city's northern suburbs with The Advertiser writing that the Elizabeth region was the state's worst assault hotspot and the fourth most violent location in the country. Additionally, police say that 59.9% of assaults in the CBD are related to alcohol, a figure which increases to 80.6% in the nightlife centre of Hindley Street.

Adelaide's Drug Rehab Options

The main government-run option for those suffering from addiction is Drug and Alcohol Services South Australia (DASSA). This focuses on a three-pronged approach of prevention, treatment and education when it comes to dangers like binge drinking and illicit substances. This includes running the Alcohol and Drug Information Service (ADIS) which is available all over Adelaide.

There are a host of other support options available. This includes the Youth Beat Bus run by Mission Australia. This is a mobile youth work station with services that include drug and alcohol counselling. There are also numerous clean needle stations operated by SA Health in various spots around Adelaide.

Seeking Treatment Overseas

Even with these local support options, there are plenty of reasons why it is better to seek assistance for your addiction in a foreign country. For one, the cost of treatment at a private clinic in Adelaide can be very expensive while waiting times and facilities at public rehabs may be unsatisfactory. Nations like Thailand offer a much lower treatment cost while still providing exceptional levels of care. Therapy here is even cost effective when you include the added cost of plane tickets.

Thailand also offers a much higher level of privacy. Instead of risking embarrassment by checking into a local Adelaide clinic, say that you are going on holiday to Thailand and focus on your recovery there instead. This is especially believable if you choose a facility like Siam Rehab Chiang Rai. From Adelaide, flights can take between 11 and 14 hours depending on whether you transfer through Singapore, Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok or somewhere else. We will have a personal driver waiting for you on arrival too, making the road to recovery so much easier!