Drug & Alcohol Rehab Bundaberg

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Bundaberg

The town of Bundaberg might not be one of Queenslandís hotspots for excessive drug and alcohol use but it is still no stranger to the plights that this kind of substance abuse can bring. In the past year alone, there have been several incidents related to illicit drugs and heavy drinking. This is further exacerbated by the fact there are only a few government-run rehab services operating in the region.

Drug Consumption in Bundaberg

Most local drug-related incidents have been reported by the Bundaberg NewsMail. In one case in September this year, 36 grams of ice and $15,000 cash was found on a property in nearby Redridge. The owner was taken to court but granted bail as there wasn't enough evidence to prove the drugs were owned by him rather than one of the other people frequenting the home.

Another incident involved two males pleading guilty to making methamphetamines for personal use. In May, police raided the men's home and found a crude setup for making ice. As both had previous criminal histories, they were each sentenced to 15 months in jail with the judge wishing to give an example to anyone else wanting to follow suit.

Bundaberg hasn't escaped the crackdown on criminal motorcycle gangs either. In March, local police raided a number of premises and confiscated smoking utensils and drugs. One woman has been charged with trafficking cannabis. Five other people were also prosecuted.

Finally, a Bundaberg man was charged with trafficking meth and ecstasy to fuel his own drug habits. He pleaded guilty to manufacturing, possessing and supplying the drugs. Although he had a previous criminal history, he was a street level offender who had already spent time in custody. Due to his willingness to enter rehab, the judge avoided sentencing him again but placed strict conditions to avoid drugs in the future.

Alcohol Use in Bundaberg

With the Bundaberg brewery located nearby, the town is quite famous for its alcohol. There have however been several criminal incidents related to heavy drinking within the town itself. Unfortunately, the Queensland government is inconsistent about the issue. In August 2014, they brought in a Safe Night Out Strategy to deal with alcohol-fuelled violence. One addition was the use of ID scanners to ban unruly patrons. While this program was working, the government axed it in July 2015 after budget cuts. Needless to say, some people weren't happy with local MPs criticising the changes.

Apart from violence, there have also been a number of drink driving incidents. One of the most serious occurred in July and involved fatal accident< where a man, who later had a BAC level of 0.133, flipped his ute ejecting his cousin from the rear tray. The man was later taken to hospital where he succumbed to his catastrophic injuries. The driver was sentenced to 13 months in jail.

Rehab Options in Bundaberg

There are three government-funded treatment and counselling options for those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction in Bundaberg. First, the Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Service offers assessment, treatment, counselling, rehabilitation, referrals and community development plus a needle and syringe program outlet. There is also the Alcohol and Drug Information Service , a 24-hour hotline offering counselling and information on these kinds of addictive substances.

The Indigenous Wellbeing Centre (IWC) also offers Alcohol and Drugs Program which aims at identifying and treating problematic alcohol and drug use amongst local people. As well as teaching about the dangers of these substances, the program also assists with skills development and goal achievement for individuals and groups to help build an integrated support service for those in need.

Treatment Alternatives for Bundaberg Locals

Unfortunately, these public offerings only cater to a limited amount of people. With the hefty cost of private treatment, where should Bundaberg locals go to cure themselves of addiction? We recommend checking into a facility like Siam Rehab which is found in the north of Thailand. With the lower cost of living offered in a nation like this, treatment costs are affordable even when including the cost of the plane ticket!

We will also take care of your privacy giving you the chance to recuperate far from the negative stigma that may be experienced if your friends, family or colleagues in Bundaberg found out. Simply hop on a plane and start your path to recovery. Flights are about fourteen and a half hours with transfers through Brisbane and Singapore. We will be waiting for you at Chiang Rai Airport, ready to drive you straight to our private clinic.