Drug and Alcohol Rehab Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour is located on the North Coast of New South Wales, approximately 400 km North of Sydney. The greater area is home to some 70,000 people. In Coffs Harbour and the surrounding area drug related arrests have climbed considerably in the last few years as reported in the Coffs Coast Advocate:

State-wide charges for amphetamine possession increased 25.9% over the two years to 2014, while marijuana possession spiked by 12.7%.

According to ABC News the Coffs Harbour-Grafton area has seen nearly a doubling of arrests for use and possession of methamphetamine. Which suggests that allot more people are using the drug known as ICE in the NSW region.

It is not all bad news however as Commander Mark Holahan states there has been a 24% decrease in non-domestic assaults which he attributes to a crackdown on drunken violence.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Coffs Harbour Services

When looking for a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Coffs Harbour program there are several choices for local treatment. Being private and government run programmes and the information on finding help is reasonably accessible with regular government and private publications and directories for Drug and Alcohol Rehab Coffs Harbour programmes.

The government has also shown a considerable amount of commitment in operating juvenile drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers with more then 1.3 million dollars a year for keeping the local centers open, under the Rural Residential Adolescent Alcohol and Other Drug Rehabilitation Program. At the federal level the Australian government has also been putting a considerable amount of resources into methamphetamine treatment as well as handbooks and publications for front line drug and alcohol workers in Coffs Harbour.

Overseas Alcohol and Drug Rehab for Australians

Many people in the Coffs Harbour region and Australia in general find it easier and more affordable to travel overseas for drug and alcohol rehab. In that last decade there has been several drug and alcohol programmes in Thailand that have opened to treat people affected by drugs and alcohol in English. The largest percentage of clients coming to the addiction treatment centers in Thailand are coming from Australia with many from the Coffs Harbour and NSW region.

If you are experiencing issues with drugs or alcohol and need treatment now, there are options, the Siam Rehab Centre offers an effective addiction treatment program for people from Coffs Harbour in a luxury and relaxing environment. Set on a large property in a private jungle setting they offer a world class addiction treatment programme for yourself or a loved one. The experts at Siam Rehab use CBT, Mindfulness meditation, and community-reinforcement approach, equine assisted therapy and physical fitness to help you overcome your addiction and live a happy and fulfilling life without the need for drugs or alcohol.

Traveling From Coffs Harbour for Addiction Treatment

Getting to Northern Thailand from Coffs Harbour is very easy with a number of daily flights from Brisbane or Sydney transiting in Bangkok to Chiang Rai. On arrival one of their drivers will be waiting at the airport to take you to their private treatment center only 30 minutes away. You will undergo an effective treatment programme that will also include fitness training, top class meals, private rooms and exciting weekend excursions to enjoy the beautiful attractions of North of Thailand.