Drug and Alcohol Rehab Wagga Wagga

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Wagga Wagga centres are reported to have long waiting lists and are over crowded according to an ABC News report published in November of 2014. In the story, Detective Inspector Cloake is quoted as saying;

Most hospitals in regional New South Wales would say the presentations of ice related incident, psychosis, withdrawals is doubling," he said.

"The effect on people within the community in terms of them putting drugs before family, before their children, before themselves is clearly evident.

Calvary Health Care Riverina, opened a centre and has been quickly expanding to help cope with the number of people seeking help for methamphetamine, or ice as it is commonly known, addiction.

Growing quickly from an initial 10 bed facility to 32 beds in a short time, Brendan McCorry, the manager of the facility claims in the 3 months prior to the interview 85% of the beds were filled up with people who came to them for ice addiction in Wagga Wagga. Prior to ice the main reason for people coming in would be alcohol and cannabis.

Alcohol Abuse in Wagga Wagga

A good sign for Wagga Wagga is that they are willing to address the situation and attempt to take proactive measures on drug and alcohol addiction in Wagga Wagga, in 2011 the Wagga Wagga City Council commissioned and published their Alcohol Management Strategy. Which was a primary plan to help people become responsible drinkers. The vast majority of Australian's are responsible drinkers and do not have a problem with alcoholism or alcohol abuse. The consumption however of alcohol is Australia is near the very top of the major English speaking nations. The World Health Organization's, Global status report on alcohol and health in 2018 states that alcohol consumption kills more then 3 million people a year and most of them are men. The report states that the per/capita average consumption is 33 grams of pure alcohol a day, about one large beer or 2 drinks.

We must also understand on these kind of numbers however that the average person does not consume anywhere near the per/capita average and some people do not drink at all, so therefore a small minority must be drinking an excessive amount in order to raise the average numbers to this point.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Wagga Wagga

With the present drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres in Wagga Wagga at capacity and putting people on a waiting list when someone reaches out for help for their drug or alcohol addiction in Wagga Wagga the chances are they are not going to get the needed help when they need it. When a person finally comes to the conclusion that their life has become unmanageable and seeks help it is important to get them into treatment as soon as possible.

Overseas Addiction treatment for People from Wagga Wagga

Many people from Wagga Wagga and Australia in general are looking outside of their borders for help with their drug or alcohol addiction and the best alternative is Thailand. In Thailand there are a number of centres that are Western run for people seeking help with their addiction. The centres in Thailand have well over 175 beds combined and the largest percentage of clients comes from Australia.

The programs in Thailand are private client pay, however they are a fraction of the costs of a rehab in Australia, even when factoring in the flight. One of the other benefits of treatment in Thailand is there is no need to tell your employer or friends that you are experiencing a problem with drugs or alcohol.  You can just tell them that you are going to Thailand for a holiday.

Siam Rehab in Chiang Rai is an excellent option for people from Wagga Wagga looking for immediate treatment for their drug or alcohol addiction, with daily flights from Melbourne or Sydney to Chiang Rai via Bangkok it is only about 10 hours flight time to be in the centre where the staff will be waiting for you at the airport.