Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centres New Zealand

Below you will find a list of drug and alcohol rehab centres in New Zealand. You should also consider Siam Rehab Thailand as an option as it is just as/or more effective and considerably less expensive. The programme is all in English by a western team and all of our clients fly in from around the world for the programme.

Below is a list of the drug and alcohol treatment centres in New Zealand that we have found. We are not endorsing or recommending any of them as we have never visited them. This is just a list to help you with your research if you are looking for drug and alcohol treatment centers New Zealand.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centres New Zealand

Akron House Incorporated

  • Hastings
  • info@akronhouse.org.nz
  • A six bed residential rehabilitation centre for men 18 years plus, concerned about their own use of alcohol. Uses 12 step recovery model. Supported accommodation.

Alcohol and Drug Service

  • Nelson
  • 03 546 1993
  • A community Alcohol and Other Drug service for people concerned about alcohol, drugs or gambling. Also provides service to adolescents, parents and family members. Home detox and STD clinic available + methadone programme. CADS services available also in Golden Bay Wed/Thur and Motueka Mon - Fri

Ashburn Hall / The Ashburn Clinic

  • Dunedin
  • 03 476 2092
  • A private psychiatric centre for any person 17 yrs or older. Includes assessment, detox, day programmes, residential counselling and aftercare. Specialises in co-existing psychiatric and eating disorders. Has Maori worker.

He Waka Tapu Ltd

  • Christchurch
  • 03 373 8150
  • He Waka Tapu works with Maori or those with Maori partners or children, and uses a Kaupapa Maori framework to services provided: alcohol and other drug day programmes, rangatahi intervention programme, and harm-minimisation education.

Higher Ground Drug Rehabilitation Trust

  • Auckland West
  • 09 834 0017
  • Higher Ground provides rehabilitation programmes based on 12-step recovery principles, incorporating cognitive behavioural and motivational interviewing therapy. We accept methamphetamine residents from all parts of New Zealand.

Manaaki Ora - Te Utuhina Manaakitanga Trust

  • Rotorua
  • 07 348 3598
  • Kaupapa Maori alcohol and other drug counselling service and three-month residential service. Also have 2 national meth beds.

MASH Trust Board - Hawkes Bay Dual Diagnosis Service

  • Hastings
  • 06 870 4239
  • Residential/community programme for mental health and addictions service users.

MASH Trust Mental Health and Addictions Recovery Service

  • Palmerston North
  • 06 355 7200
  • Assessment and treatment of people with mental health problems, addictions or both.

Moana House / Downie Stewart Foundation

  • Dunedin
  • 03 477 0842
  • Intensive long-term therapeutic community for men with offending histories, with Heke Tikanga as framework of practice. Available to others outside of catered DHB areas by arrangement on a case-by-case basis. Has Maori and Pacific Island workers. SMOKE-FREE. Nationwide under the methamphetamine contract.

Nova Trust Board

  • Christchurch
  • 03 349 2053
  • Residential alcohol and drug rehabilitation treatment programme. Has Maori worker.

Odyssey House - Auckland

  • Auckland Central
  • 09 623 1447
  • Catering for people with serious difficulties with alcohol, drugs, gambling and associated problems. See website for all services available. Has Maori and Pacific Island workers.

Odyssey House - Christchurch

  • Christchurch
  • 03 358 2690
  • 22 bed therapeutic community programme for men only. Now taking referrals nationally for any clients needing social withdrawal/detox or residential rehab for methamphetamine. Co-existing Problem (CEP) capable service.

Odyssey Youth Service Day Programme

  • Christchurch
  • 03 358 2690
  • Day programme for youth (male and female) aged 12 - 18 years experiencing alcohol and drug-related problems. Has Maori worker. Co-existing Problem CEP capable service.

Odyssey Youth Service Residential Programme

  • Christchurch
  • 03 358 2690
  • A 10 bed residential unit for youth (male and female) aged 14 - 18 years who are alcohol and/or other drug dependent. Has Maori worker. Co-existing problem CEP service. national service is referred by Child Youth and Family.

Pacific Island Evaluation Inc

  • Christchurch
  • 03 365 1458
  • A community based alcohol and drug service for Pacific Island people. Provides counselling, day programmes and a 3 bed residential halfway house. Has Pacific Island worker.

Raukura Hauora O Tainui Alcohol and Other Drug and Mental Health Service

  • Auckland South
  • 09 263 8040
  • Kaupapa Maori AOD service. Also provides prison assessments, support and advocacy service for family/whanau.

Rongo Atea

  • Hamilton
  • 07 856 6733
  • Kaupapa Maori AOD Youth Residential Treatment Services 10 week closed programme. Has Maori worker.

Salvation Army Addiction Services - Christchurch (Bridge)

  • Christchurch
  • 03 338 4436
  • Provides a range of community support and treatment interventions (including residential) for alcohol and other drug dependencies. The Bridge is also linked with The Salvation Army Oasis Problem Gambling Service in Christchurch. We accept clients under the Alcohol & Drug Addiction Act 1966. Please note - clients are accepted on both free and privately-funded basis.

Salvation Army Addiction Services - Waikato (AOD)

  • Hamilton
  • 07 839 6871
  • Alcohol and other drug service - assessment - treatment plans - day programmes - aftercare - group work - individual counselling.

Salvation Army Addiction Services Auckland

  • Auckland Central
  • 09 630 1491
  • We provide alcohol, other drug, and gambling harm treatment across the Auckland region. These include residential and outpatient programmes. We also accept clients under the Alcohol & Drug Addiction Act 1966.

Salvation Army Bridge Programme - Dunedin

  • Dunedin
  • 03 477 9852
  • Pre-treatment services providing motivation, support and access to treatment; residential and day treatment programmes for AOD dependence and abuse; specialist "Pathways to Change" women's day AOD treatment programme; rural programme; family involvement; aftercare support, encouragement and ongoing learning.

Salvation Army Bridge Programme - Manukau

  • Auckland South
  • 09 261 0887
  • Providing residential and outpatient alcohol and other drug treatment programmes. Payment options: outpatient - free; residential - client can pay privately or payment can be taken from sickness benefit. Has Pacific Island worker.

Salvation Army Bridge Programme - Midland

  • Hamilton
  • 07 850 4315
  • Residential Alcohol and Drug Treatment and Social Detox. Has Maori worker.

Salvation Army Bridge Programme - Waitakere

  • Auckland West
  • 09 835 4069
  • Providing community based residential and outpatient alcohol and other drug treatment programmes. Payment options: outpatient - free; residential - client can pay privately or payment can be taken from sickness benefit.

Salvation Army Bridge Programme - Wellington

  • Wellington
  • 04 389 6566
  • Intensive 9 week residential and Day Programme Accepts clients under the Alcohol & Drug Addiction Act 1966.

Springhill Residential Addiction Centre

  • Napier
  • 06 873 4896
  • Structured 8-week residential environment for motivated adults committed to overcoming addiction.

St Marks Alcohol & Drug Residential Service

  • Blenheim
  • 03 578 0459
  • Intensive residential treatment programme (12 - 16 weeks) with a halfway house for follow up. Also a supportive residential detox and respite bed for Nelson Marlborough clients only. Funded by MOH. Client pays accommodation costs from WINZ benefit. Has Maori worker.

Te Ara Hou Alcohol and Drug Residential Service

  • Auckland South
  • 09 267 2899
  • Residential service available to men only. Has Maori worker.

Te Nikau Addictions Centre

  • Paraparaumu
  • 04 902 5828
  • A residential addictions programme and 1-1 counselling centre. Caters for all addictions e.g. alcohol, drugs, gambling, food, sex, etc. Caters for clients anywhere in NZ. WINZ contributions.

Te Waireka Alcohol and other Drug Service

  • Otane
  • 06 856 8428
  • Rangatahi who want to make changes, are motivated to abstain from alcohol and drugs and willing to be at a residential treatment programme. Whanau to be supportive and willing to look at alcohol and drug behaviours and to attend whanau days & meetings. Has Maori counsellors, social workers and support staff.

Tupuna Waiora

  • Kawakawa
  • 09 404 1551
  • Kaupapa Maori Mental Health and Addiction services. Has Maori worker.

Youthlink and Family Trust

  • Auckland South
  • 09 236 8660
  • A residential service for adolescents 11 -16 with a variety of social and emotional problems, including alcohol & drug abuse.

The majority of this list of Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centres New Zealand was compiled from ADANZ - Alcohol Drug Association New Zealand

As we mentioned above we can not vouch for any of the drug and alcohol treatment centres New Zealand since we have not visited any of them the addiction treatment centres New Zealand list is just to get you started in your research.