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Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Preston, Lancashire

Are you a resident of Preston and looking for a Preston drug and alcohol rehab? If so, Siam Rehab would like to talk to you about our integrated private rehab in Thailand. Our treatment programmes  are available to men and women living in Preston and suffering from an addiction to alcohol, prescription medications, drugs, and synthetics. At a fraction of the cost of a UK rehab, you can get the help you need in a different environment and alongside trained, Western, English speaking staff.

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Preston has a population of 114, 300 with the build up area having a total of 313, 322 people. What was once a booming town during the Industrial Revolution, it has since fell into decline. Like other post industrial northern towns in the UK, Preston suffers from economic deprivation, housing issues, limited government funding, and addiction.

Alcohol Abuse and Addiction in Preston, Lancanshire

Alcohol abuse and addiction is the second cause of premature death in the UK. Engaging frequently in heavy drinking, binge drinking, and preloading has been associated with a number of issues including physical and mental health problems, addiction, cancer, and disease. It can have a serious impact on the social wellbeing of the individual and devastate the family unit. In Preston, alcohol addiction often causes homelessness, unemployment, financial debt, and domestic abuse.

According to the Lancanshire government, between 2016 and 2017, there were 789.7 people, per 100,000 admitted to the hospital for an alcohol related condition. The national average is 563 admissions per 100,000. In the years 2015 to 2017, 64.3 people lost their life to alcohol related conditions. Authorities say Preston, as well as Rossendale, Lancanshire are in the top 10 % for alcohol related deaths in the UK.

Drug Use in Preston

Statistical data for Preston, Lancashire drug use is limited. What is known is that mephedrone, or bath salts, is a drug of choice in addition to cocaine, crack-cocaine, ecstasy, skunk, and cannabis. According to the Lancanshire NTE surveys, Preston and the surrounding boroughs are known to be popular drinking destinations which could be why drug use is not as prevalent as other northern regions. That being said, in Blackpool and Blackburn, and Darwin, all of which are not too far from Preston, drug use remains higher than the national UK average.

Preston Rehab Treatment

Drug and alcohol addiction in Preston, Lancashire is a problem. Addressing addiction is not easy for the person suffering from the condition, nor for those closest to them. To discontinue to cycle of addiction in Preston, it is vital that a person find help when they need it.

In Lancanshire, rehab options are available. Ocean Recovery is a private rehab in Preston. Pavilion is another private rehab located in Lancaster. These facilities may offer better treatment than the free options provided by the NHS and organisations; however, they are costly ranging from £1,000 to £3,000 per week of treatment.

Presten residents in need of treatment can also make use of free services including the following:

Discover Preston – A community drug and alcohol service, provided by the NHS, that offers support and guidance to those with an addiction.

Inspire-CGL Central/North Lancashire – An organisation that can assist with detoxification, rehab, sober living, support groups, and more.

Young Addaction – Support services for young adults who are dependent on drugs or alcohol and under the age of 25.

Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meets are also available. You can view the full list of meetings for AA and NA here:

Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

Narcotics Anonymous Meetings

Alternative Options for Preston Residents Looking for a Quality Rehab

Even though there may be a broad range of addiction treatment services available in Preston, they might not be taking you too far away from your environment. Sometimes one of the most important elements to sobriety is change and that begins with going to a completely different place for detoxification and addiction treatment. Preston residents are encouraged to consider a private rehab programme in Thailand.

At Siam Rehab, we offer immediate intake for Preston men and women struggling with an addiction. In less then one day, you can begin treatment in a new place, surrounded by people who care about you. We want you to succeed. To learn about our Thailand rehab, Preston resident’s can reach out to Siam Rehab.