Group Therapy for Addiction

Therapy and counselling is often the backbone of addiction treatment. Rehab centers may offer this in two forms: individual and group. Group therapy for addiction is lead by a professional specialist, but encourages discussion and openness with other people in recovery. This is a very important part of healing from addiction and offers the opportunity for men and women to come together and talk about their experiences, their addiction and their goals.

It’s common for those with abuse drugs or alcohol to doubt group therapy or even be scared of going to these sessions. Quite understandably, there are likely a lot of personal stories which arise from drug and alcohol abuse. Recovery no less can be a very emotional experience and talking about these things in front of others can be a challenge. However, the benefits of group therapy for addiction can be extremely rewarding. The positive influences attendees’ will gain outweigh any of the initial intimidation. Anyone going to these sessions will quickly realize that group therapy at a rehab center is a vital part of the recovery process.

Who Can Benefit from Group Therapy

In Thailand, rehab centres help people from all over the world, of all backgrounds and with different addictions. Group therapy is beneficial to each of these individuals. People with an addiction to drugs or alcohol are not the only ones who can walk away from a session feeling lighter and more balanced. Those with an addiction to gambling or food can also receive tremendous support and advice from group therapy.

An Understanding of the History of Group Therapy

Dating all the way back to 1800 B.C. Aristotle and other prominent figures studied the benefits of social engagement to overcome issues while developing healthy thought patterns. In the early 1900’s group therapy was being researched for its benefits on people who were ill with T.B.  and those who had what is now known as P.T.S.D. Now, we understand that it’s not only people with emotional or psychological troubles that can be helped through this therapy method, those with drug addictions are also very susceptible at receiving welcoming benefits.

Alcoholics Anonymous is a good example of how group support can help people solve problems, receive strength and reach out to others. In fact, for over 70 years, AA has implored these similar principals to that of a group therapy session at a rehab.

Peer Support and Guidance Offered

Group therapy means that everyone sitting in that group is going through very similar circumstances. They will be able to relate to one another in a very special way. Apart from the group therapist or moderator guiding the individuals, each man or woman wants the same thing and that is to feel better and get sober. The support of a group therapy session is undeniably one of the greatest benefits. When listening to or sharing experiences, all those involved can gain a new perspective or outlook of handling a situation and/or the addiction. Even though some things may not seem agreeable at the time, through some self reflection, once look back and see the potential intentions and outcomes. Views and goals can be altered when necessary to aid in the overall recovery process.

Isolation in Recovery is Reduced

It’s common for those with an addiction to end up feeling or being isolated. As difficult as it may be to comprehend, many people who abuse drugs or alcohol believe they are the only one who is going through this set of circumstances. They may feel that no one can relate. This is an emotionally dangerous situation and can enable using. Group therapy takes this element out of the picture and helps these individuals see that they are not alone.

A Supported Structure is Formed

Ask any rehab about the importance of a structured support system in recovery and they’ll tell you it is very important. A rehab that does not have a well thought out program in place is never recommended for long term recovery. In a group therapy session for addiction, people there become more than just random men and women in a room. After multiple sessions at rehab, group therapy becomes a place that people want to go to. Friendships, sober support and long term bonds are made. Knowing that this is available multiple times during the week is valued by everyone at the center.

Everything Shared in a Group, Stays in the Group

In the first group session, guidelines will be laid out which each person attending is asked to respect. These are primarily regarding privacy. Individuals may be asked to not share any personally identifying information or experiences of other people in the group. Like any other addiction support group, anything discussed should stay within that room.

Re-connecting With Humans

Ultimately, the benefits of group therapy are amazing. Think about this, in our daily lives, we all function in some sort of group. We may not always like it, but its part of life. Group therapy is a special place which people who may have lost touch with the human connection can restore their faith, learn, grow and reconnect with people.