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Assisted Intervention

Medical care is provided by Dr. Mark Sukkhosawat, a licensed psychiatrist and general practitioner M.D. specializing in substance addiction treatment, with 19 years of experience.

Assisted Intervention

At Siam Rehab we regularly receive calls from the family member of someone who is a drug, alcohol or gambling addict, and is resistant to getting help. The family member is often at their wits’ end, and has tried just about everything they can think of in order to get the person to stop using drugs or alcohol. All they really want is for their loved one to return to being the person they once were.
When a family member calls us instead of the addict themselves the odds of the person coming for treatment are drastically reduced since at that point, the person suffering with addiction does not have the motivation or willingness to change and are stuck in active addiction.
To increase the chances of the person agreeing to go for treatment we offer our assisted intervention service whereby one of our addiction counsellors will travel to you and attempt to convince the person to return with him or her to our rehab for treatment.

The Process of Assisted Intervention

Intervention is used when family and friends realize their loved one has a problem, but that person does not see that reality, and are resistant to seeking help. The best course of action, if it is feasible, is to set up an intervention with a professional interventionist. This normally isn’t like what one sees on the A&E shows by that name. Rather, those shows are most likely a set up with actors. Not too many people act like that in front of a camera unless they are an actor.

How it usually goes is that the interventionist talks with the family for a while prior to meeting with the addict. At that time they make sure that arrangements are made so that the person can leave to go get treatment without all the other worries of life getting in the way, for example, their children or pet will be cared for, their monthly bills are sorted out, a leave of absence is arranged from work, etc.
At that point the decision will be made with the interventionist whether it is better to speak with the person as a group or on his or her own. The only purpose of a drug, alcohol or gambling intervention is to get the person to agree with the interventionist to leave for the airport and be escorted to the rehab center and into treatment immediately, before they have a chance to change their minds.

Also quite often when the family confronts the alcoholic or person using drugs on their own, they can do more harm than good and create negative feeling and resentment within the family. Bringing in an interventionist can redirect the negative emotions away from the family and onto the interventionist instead.

International Assisted Intervention at Siam Rehab

Siam Rehab offers assisted intervention to convince people struggling with addiction to come to our center here in Thailand for treatment. One of our counsellors will fly to your location, meet with concerned family members and friends over a day or so, and then attempt to convince the person to return to Thailand and with him or her, and enter treatment.

Once the person agrees to come to Thailand and be admitted to Siam Rehab, we try to arrange it as fast as possible, bringing the person to treatment immediately. For this to be effective there is a considerable amount of planning that needs to be done in advance, as well as flexible airline tickets, other transportation, packing the necessities, etc.

We have found this drastically increases the odds of getting a resistant person into treatment and on the road to recovery. If we can help you with a loved one that is resistant to getting help or even admitting that they have a problem, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

Because of the nature of assisted intervention with scheduling and transportation in many cases arranged at the last minute, it is not possible to provide precise costs. However, we deal with this with some fixed fees plus expenses. Contact us and we can make estimates on a case-by-case basis. We are focused on providing excellent care at a fair price, and assisted intervention has worked well for a number of our clients.