How Much Does Rehab Cost

Unfortunately it is not possible to give you a direct answer to that question. Anywhere from $3,000 a month to $250,000 per month depending on your requirements. The average in the USA for a 28 day treatment program is $20,000 to $30,000 dollars and the top end celebrity centres can be up in the $150,000 range.

How Much Does Rehab Cost

Unfortunately it is not possible to give you a direct answer to that question. Anywhere from $3,000 a month to $250,000 per month depending on your requirements. The average in the USA for a 28 day treatment program is $20,000 to $30,000 dollars and the top end celebrity centres can be up in the $150,000 range.

For most people a decent private drug and alcohol rehab program in the USA will cost you at least $20,000. There may be extras and additional costs on add on as well.

How Much Does Rehab Cost - Australia

There is a centre is Australia that I am quite familiar with that runs in the $100,000 to $150,000 dollar range however you get a private villa overlooking the Gold Coast, personal chef, personal trainer, probably a butler and all the drug and alcohol professionals you need come to you. There is no one else in the programme, I guess this could be good for some people that need 100% anonymity and are extremely high profile, be it royalty or celebrities. There are of course rehab centres in Australia that are considerably cheaper and on par with the USA or European centres.

How Much Does Rehab Cost - Asia

For many people looking at how much does rehab cost, $20,000 might as well be 20 million and there is no way they are reasonably coming up with that amount of money. Fortunately there are alternatives but you might need to leave you comfort zone. For a programme that is equivalent to the $30,000 programs in the USA you can get into a rehab in Thailand with all western counsellors for $5,500 – 15,000 dollars. In the last years Thailand has become a major destination for addiction treatment fro people from around the world. There are a considerable number of choices now since I started this industry in Asia 12 years ago with the only centre here.

How Much Does Rehab Cost - Africa

If you need more of a dual diagnosis centre and are worried about how much does rehab cost I can recommend a private, resort like psychiatric hospital in Mauritius, Africa for about $15 – 16,000 dollars. These rates would be near impossible to compete with in the west for the professionals you are going to have on hand treating you and the facilities they are operating out of. The program director who is there full time is a qualified Irish trained medical doctor and they have an addiction psychiatrist from France, fully bi-lingual on full time call.

Also South Africa has a long history of people traveling there for drug and alcohol rehab and has a number of centres they are however usually more expensive then Asia as the majority of them are affiliated with the Dutch treatment programmes and change the insurance companies for treatment. So if you don’t have insurance willing to pay then you will still have to pay insurance company rates.

Asking how much does rehab cost is like asking how long is a piece of string, it totally depends on what you need and the level of service you expect. 

Is More Expensive Better?

A question I get all the time about how much does rehab cost is about value for money, basically are the more expensive centres better than the budget ones? That is actually a difficult question to answer as well and will depend allot on who you are. Basically if you just spent $40,000 on a luxury drug and alcohol rehab and you only earn 24 or 30k a year, the stress that spending that money on your treatment is going to cause you could have negative implications. So in that case probably no it is not better.

Just because a centre is less expensive doesn’t necessarily mean that the people working their are less qualified. In many case they might have considerably more experience than some of the people working in the very high end centres.

One thing people need to understand, drug and alcohol workers are not extremely high paid professionals. The people following this career path are not generally only motivated by money, most have past personal or family experience with addiction issues being the reason for them following this path in the first place.

As for the more expensive centres, if you are a high net worth individual you are probably better off going to a centre with a more luxury feel so that you are not externalizing and focusing on everything you can nit pick, ie: the bed is too old, the curtains are not clean, my room mate snores, I have to do my own laundry, etc.

Also there is an issue with the group in a rehab and the closer they are to a group of your peers the better you will be served. For example, if you are in a $4,000 a month centre and you are the CEO of a large company, when we are talking about rock bottom, chances are yours is considerably higher than the rest of the group. They hit rock bottom when they were eating out of a soup kitchen and living on the streets, you on the other hand hit rock bottom when your wife left you, took the 6 bedroom beach house in Jamaica and was sleeping with the pool boy.

The reverse of the above example is also applicable, if you are in a centre with people in a much higher financial situation than yourself. You’ll have a hard time sympathizing with people that were knocking back $300 a bottle scotch on the yacht while you were struggling to find the money to pay for your addiction as well as feed your family.

I am not trying to make a joke here, well maybe a little one. Nor do I have a superiority complex going on.  The point is that you should also consider picking a centre that fits in with your financial status and where the other people in the centre are going to be in similar situations that you can relate to. You also shouldn’t bankrupt yourself to get treatment, pick a centre that fits in with your social economic group and within your means.

In conclusion, how much does rehab cost? As little or as much as you want depending on what you expect and need. If you need help deciding on a programme for you or a loved one feel free to get in touch with me and I will do my best to find a programme that fits your specific needs.

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