Residential Rehabs South Australia

Here is a list of some residential rehabs South Australia and other services in South Australia for people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. I am not endorsing or recommending any of them as I have not visited or reviewed the programs with the exception of looking at their websites where they have one.

This list of residential rehabs South Australia is for information purposes only and to give you a starting point when you are looking for help with your addiction issues.

Residential Rehabs South Australia

Karobran New Life Centre Naracoorte 08 8764 7470 Based on Christian principles, our mandate is to nurture confident clients, ready to meet the future with hope and courage. Our integrated study and work programs provide unique opportunities. Through selected work placements, where available, students are able to balance learning in a retreat environment with working in the broader community.

Karobran New Life Centre's rural facility is located near Naracoorte in South Australia's Limestone Coast region. Surrounded by gum trees, pine plantations and sprawling vineyards, this facility provides a uniquely peaceful setting for bringing life into focus and is within comfortable driving distance of both Melbourne and Adelaide. Karobran hosts a male only program.

Aboriginal Sobriety Group Adelaide (08) 8223 4204 Lakalinjeri Tumbetin Waal (LTW) is a live-in, non-medical drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre for men and is located at Monarto, a one hour drive from Adelaide City.

Clients of ASG who have undertaken the Stabilisation Program and who require longer-term rehabilitation are referred to LTW.

Located on a farm at Monarto. Clients ‘live-in’ for a 12 – 24 week period and are assisted through a number of programs to recover from alcohol or other substance misuse lifestyles. Prior to entry, clients must undertake a needs assessment with ASG’s Assessment, Referral and Counselling team to ensure that they are ready for stabilisation and receive appropriate care.

Teen Challenge South Australia Maylands 08 8431 9847 Teen Challenge SA helps young people break the chains of addiction by enabling them to take control of the 4 pillars of their life! Emotional, Mental, Physical, and Spiritual

Bel-Mar Infinity Adelaide 1300 306 706 We view addiction as a primary progressive disease which must be treated, managed and monitored over the person's life time by ascertaining the root cause of the trauma. Our philosophy for treatment is based on a multi-treatment model which includes 12 steps. This is the most widely used and established treatment philosophy for all addictions in the western world. We offer thorough assessment, individual treatment planning and referral to other health professionals as needed. We provide a residential treatment program followed by a support transition process for clients and their families.

The Adelaide Clinic Gilberton 61 8 8269 8100 When a person is addicted to alcohol it negatively affects every area of their life. People often deny the extent to which it controls them and it can reach a crisis point before the person will admit they have a problem needing help.

Adelaide Clinic’s alcohol rehab treatment program offers:

  • Assessment by a mental health professional to gain insight into your specific addiction and to determine any underlying causes, such as depression or anxiety;
  • Medications which are prescribed to help detox and to reduce cravings.
  • A group therapy day program for ongoing support.

The Manor Born Program Clarendon 08 8383 7113 We operate a 7-bed, privately owned substance abuse rehab called The Manor Born, located in the beautiful MacLaren Valley in South Australia. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including inpatient, day patient, and outpatient care. These programs each involve individual, group, and family counselling for those clients and significant others who are experiencing the detrimental effects of addictive disorders.

These are some of Residential Rehabs New South Australia as well as some other useful services I was able to find in the region. If you operate or work for a Residential Rehabs South Australia and would like it listed here please get in contact via the Contact Us page and send me the information, I would be happy to get it up there.

Again just to repeat my disclaimer from above I am not endorsing or recommending any residential rehabs South Australia since I have never visited or assessed the centers. This is just the results from my online searching.