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Weekly Schedule at Siam Rehab

Medical care is provided by Dr. Mark Sukkhosawat, a licensed psychiatrist and general practitioner M.D. specializing in substance addiction treatment, with 19 years of experience.

Average Day at Siam Rehab

The average day at Siam Rehab (Monday to Friday) starts with morning wake up call at 7:00, unless someone is detoxing, then this can be a little more flexible.

The morning group meeting is a check in and planning session to have everyone on track for the daily activities and sessions. Before breakfast we have morning exercise, yoga or a meditation session followed by the first two group sessions of the day

After morning groups and a break people split off for one to one counselling sessions with their focal counsellor.

After lunch, everyone attends the presentations which could be a peer members life story or a psychoeducational lecture by one of our experts. The topics are different depending upon the day of the week.

After the final group session of the day massage therapy, Muay Thai boxing, personal training in the gym or meditation sessions can be scheduled until dinner time. As well as we will also attend local coffee shops, or do jungle hikes a couple times each week. In the evening we have free time, movie nights or games nights, or you can schedule more personal training, massage, etc. Lights out at 22:30.

Weekends At Siam Rehab

Weekends are different, after a busy and productive five days of work, we all deserve a break. Saturdays we have a reduced programme. Sundays are excursion day and lunch out, usually in a tropical open air restaurant. Excursions can include a hike to waterfalls or hot springs, visitning some of the Buddhist temples in the area, mountain biking, zip lining, a boat trip up the river, indoor bowling — when the weather is not good for outdoor activities — and a number of other possibilities. The programme at Siam Rehab is intensive and comprehensive, however it is also flexible to suit our clients’ individual needs. Where we do produce a standard programme like the one above on a weekly basis it will be adapted to the specific needs of our clients. Our philosophy is that recovery should be as fun as possible and keep our clients busy and engaged. No one can do therapy eight hours a day, so we fill the rest of the time with enjoyable and interesting activities that create lasting memories. Siam Rehab Addiction Treatment Centre offers a carefully developed and effective residential addiction treatment programme in a tropical environment. The programme is full and makes for busy days but there is still plenty of time to relax and reflect on the life changes being made by coming to Siam Rehab. Our programme is focused and designed to offer you or your loved one the best possible chance at lasting recovery.

Primary Treatment - Weeks 1-4